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The Access Accelerator Digital Move and You!

What does our digital move mean for the Access Accelerator and our clients?

If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our email list, then you know that the Access Accelerator is now digital. So, what exactly does digitalization mean for our organization and clients? The launching of our digital platform means that the services offered by the Access Accelerator are online and accessible from anywhere with a smart device and internet connection. 

The name of our online system is Zoho One. The system integrates over 45 applications that allow us to improve our process and increase ease and productivity within the organization. With our online learning portal, clients needing to take classes can determine their pace and control their learning process. Through our partnership with Udemy clients using the digital platform can access required courses and thousands of free classes powered by Udemy. Business development, advisory, mentorship and access to funding are all done in Zoho One. 

With every move, there should be a purpose! The implantation of this digital system allows the Access Accelerator to address our extensive backlog of clients. To join the platform clients will receive an email invitation to the portal that expires within 14 days from the date that the email was sent. If you do not begin the onboarding process in Zoho One, the digital license will transfer to the next person on the waitlist. 

The onboarding stage requires clients to complete a personal and business profile, personal statement of affairs then take an assessment. The personal and business profile asks you for basic information on you and your business. For the personal statement of affairs, this section requires more in-depth financial information which will be very beneficial when reaching the funding stage of the program. The assessment will determine which development path is best for you. Please allow two to three days for your assessment results which will give you access to courses on your development path. Advisement through Zoho One gives entrepreneurs virtual access to their advisors. The system can remotely meet, schedule calls, upload requested documents and keep track of their progress. It is a one-stop-shop that you can access anywhere!

In case you get confused while going through the digital system, Zoho One is equipped with a Help Centre that has answers to hundreds of questions. If you need extra help or need to contact customer service, clients can send a live ticket and receive assistance from an Access Accelerator team member. We welcome feedback on our system so that we can ensure that it is being as effective as possible so do not be afraid to tell us about your experience. 

The move to digitalization is an important step for us. The Access Accelerator is committed to helping micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and adaptation to technology is key to being sustainable. We hope our move to Zoho One inspires and gives you the confidence to try a new but ultimately beneficial way to operate your business digitally.

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