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New Year, New Rules for Developing Your Personal Brand


2022 still has that new me, new year feel and most of us are just gearing up to start the year.

Which is okay! Astrologers claim that the new year doesn’t begin until Aries season and most of us feel as if our new year begins after our birthday. Whichever it is for you, let’s just make a deal to crush it.

Here are 5 rules for developing your personal brand this year:

  1. Tell more stories: There’s this idea that in business, there’s no room for personal stories. Wrong, there is always room for stories. Both personal and professional. The challenge is finding which stories to tell that are relevant to your business. That challenge is yours this year, as storytelling is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. And the ability to tell great stories also goes hand in hand with that.

  2. Be more intentional: Don’t do things just for doing things’ sake. Every opportunity, experience or move you make for the sake of your personal brand, make sure it is aligned with your goals for this year. When you look back at 2022, you want to feel as if you were in alignment, doing everything you could do to stay in alignment.

  3. Know your audience: As a personal brand, you still have an audience. Who are you aiming to help? What do they need that you can offer? This leads me to my next point.

  4. Post this year: Too many people are doing phenomenal things and are not posting them and then are wondering why they’re not in the rooms they want to be in. People can’t invite you to those rooms if they don’t know your interests. I know as professionals; we are busy and the thought of being social overwhelms us. Find a platform that you can be yourself on without being overwhelmed. Slowly but steady.

  5. Take up space: In the words of Shonda Rhimes, your only job is to decide that every room you’re in is one you belong in and to remain there. As professionals, the imposter syndrome is real and we often talk ourselves mentally out of rooms we’re physically in. Let’s cut that out. Believing you have the right to be in every room you are in, has a direct effect on whether you show up and post. It’s time to believe your voice is valid. You are valid, and your experiences and stories are valid.

Developing a personal brand differentiates you from your competition but also helps you build trust with potential clients. As a professional, it is your job to communicate who you are, your story and what makes you different.

First impressions are critical. Most people will not give you a second chance to set the right impression, so it’s important to do it right the first time.

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Cover photo by: Dawn Demeritte