What is Advocacy?

The Access Accelerator will provide advocacy on behalf of the MSME sector as a whole or on behalf of clusters of companies. The day-to-day advisory and mentorship interactions will present a steady stream of opportunities to enhance policies, legislation and regulations that govern the sector.

Advocacy is one of the most critical services rendered by the Access Accelerator. In this role, the Access Accelerator is an independent voice for small business within the central government:

“We are the watchdog for the interests of Bahamian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and together with the Department of Inland Revenue, the source of small business statistics. As advocates, we advance the views and concerns of Bahamian small business before local and central government agencies, and in both the regional and international arenas.”

The connection with the mentors. The ability to network with the people who you are working with has been amazing. The openness of the facilitators. The awesomeness of the mentors when you get stuck. When you have those moments when you can’t do it, just having that support is good. You have mentors who have your back.
Jennawade Pratt