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Employee Handbook Basics

An employee handbook is an essential asset for all businesses – including MSMEs – and its value extends not only to employees but to employers as well.  For team members, the employee handbook is a compass: i...

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Why Incorporation is Important for SMEs

If you are the owner of a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) your corporate structure is just as important as if you were the owner of a multi-national company. You and your company ought not to be the same person, a...

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You Only Have 30 Seconds—How to Write an Elevator Pitch That’ll Make a Good First Impression

Without a doubt, an elevator pitch is one of the most critical parts of perfecting your brand. Whether you are trying to win a client or a potential customer, or merely trying to explain what you do, having a strong elev...

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A2 Blog Finance 101

Fundamentals of Analyzing Financial Statements Pt. II

Previously, we discussed analyzing the balance sheet. Let’s continue the series, Fundamentals of Analyzing Financial Statements, by exploring the income statement. As a business owner, your main financial goal is to make...

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How to redefine fear to help you – build a better you!

Overcoming self-doubt and fear is the key to successful entrepreneurship. The biggest obstacle for many creators is self-doubt. The ‘what if? ʼ factor. What if I fail? What if I have no customers? What if my concept is f...

A2 Blog Human Resources

Employee Benefits: Not Just for Big Business

Employee benefits are a vital part of any company’s remuneration package. They represent the compensation an employee receives beyond his/her base salary or wages. In my personal observation, however, offering competitiv...

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A2 Blog Marketing Social Media

How Brands Can Tell Great Stories

Having the ability to tell great stories on social media is a sure way to stand out. But how do you tell your brand story without it sounding repetitive? Or without sounding like everyone else’s?  Easy. What do all your ...

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The Importance of Contracts for MSMEs

Contracts aren’t just for big companies. The utility and protection of a well-drafted contract is invaluable to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME’s). A contract need not be complicated though they can be c...

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Access Accelerator receives increased funding, betting big on small businesses

The Government of The Bahamas has more than doubled its investment into the Access Accelerator Small Business Development Centre (Access Accelerator), allotting the entity 55.8  million dollars for the 2020-2021 fiscal y...

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5 Ways Small Businesses Are Now Coping With COVID-19

While social distancing is necessary for the fight against the ravaging coronavirus, it has been catastrophic for many small businesses, especially those relying on in-person activities to thrive. From restaurants to gif...