Preschool Grant Programme

A Universal Pre-Primary Education Initiative


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Programme Overview

Programme Recipients

The following lists the recipients of the Preschool Grant Programme closed October 30th, 2020. *Approval process is still ongoing.*

Preschool NameAmount FundedIsland
1 on One$25,000New Providence
A Mother’s Heart Nursery & Preschool$21,000New Providence
Annie’s Nursery & Kindergarten$25,000New Providence
Bright Horizon Christian Academy$25,000Grand Bahama
Bright Start Christian Academy$25,000Grand Bahama
Brighter Destiny Christian Preparatory preschool$25,000Grand Bahama
Careful Hands Daycare & Preschool$25,000New Providence
Central’s Christian Academy$25,000Grand Bahama
Faith Christian Academy$25,000Grand Bahama
Faith walk academy$21,000Grand Bahama
Freeport Gospel Chapel School$25,000Grand Bahama
Genesis Academy$25,000New Providence
Grace Christian Academy$25,000Grand Bahama
Growing Minds Academy and Day Care$25,000New Providence
Happy Tots Academy$17,500New Providence
Horizon Christian Academy$22,000New Providence
James Rollie Smith Pre-school$25,000Bimini
Joyful Kidz Christian Academy$21,000New Providence
Kids Kingdom Preschool & Nursery$25,000Grand Bahama
Kingdom Kids Early Learning & Daycare Centre$25,000New Providence
Loving Angels Preschool$25,000New Providence
Meadows Children’s Garden Academy Ltd$12,500New Providence
Periwinkles Academy$8,000New Providence
Precious Moments Nursery & Preschool$17,500Grand Bahama
Promise Institute$25,000Andros
PTL Preschool & Daycare$25,000Grand Bahama
Rising Stars Christian Preschool & Daycare$25,000Grand Bahama
Small Steps early learning Center$13,000New Providence
Southwest Christian Academy$25,000New Providence
St. Michaels’ Methodist Preschool$25,000New Providence
The Big Apple Academy Preschool$25,000New Providence
The Just Kids Preschool and Nursery$25,000Grand Bahama
The Kidz Castle Preschool & Daycare Center$15,000New Providence
Ulearn Daycare$12,000New Providence
Vision Academy$15,550New Providence
Wee Care Nursery & Pre-School$25,000Grand Bahama

*Disclaimer: Funds are disbursed directly to vendors – not the clients.*