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Programme Overview

Programme Recipients Round I

Company NameAmount FundedIsland
10th Year Seniors$5,000.00New Providence
12.01 Studios$4,410.00New Providence
242 Infused$5,000.00Grand Bahama
3Gs (Gordon’s Graphics and Grants)$5,000.00Eleuthera
A Social Affair$3,800.00Grand Bahama
A+ Mathematics Intervention Learning Center$4,410.00New Providence
ABACO’S ISLAND FUSION$4,410.00New Providence
Admin Business & CareerLife$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Adrian Reid Construction$5,000.00New Providence
Ahro Farms Enterprises$5,000.00New Providence
Anae’s Clothing$4,410.00New Providence
Anchored Lifestyle Management$1,000.00New Providence
ANG Beauty Supply$4,000.00
Angies Souvenirs$1,000.00Berry Islands
Angnes straw and souvenir shop$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Armstrong Connections$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Ashley’s Imports and Exports$5,000.00New Providence
Athena’s Lunch Delight$500.00New Providence
Auroraé Collections$2,800.00New Providence
Autumn Crop Jewelry$5,000.00New Providence
B&B Executive Caterers$4,410.00New Providence
Baby Bliss$5,000.00New Providence
BabyMe Baby & Maternity Supplies$4,410.00New Providence
Bahama Breeze Landscaping and Maintenance$5,000.00New Providence
Bahama Myfi$5,000.00New Providence
BahamaRock - Island Escape$5,000.00New Providence
Bahamian Gifts$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Bahleaf Premium Teas$5,000.00New Providence
Bakehouse$5,000.00New Providence
Batter Landscaping$4,410.00New Providence
Beauticity$4,410.00New Providence
Beauty Touch By Lissa K$4,410.00New Providence
Bella Bluí Lounge$2,000.00Exuma
Berecah Gems$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Bertha Boyz Coconuts$4,410.00New Providence
Better in Paradise$4,410.00New Providence
Big Juicer’s$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Billion Dollar Cuts$4,610.00Exuma
Bimini Boutique$4,000.00Bimini
Bimini Innovations Distribution Depot$4,000.00Bimini
BizChocolate Creative$4,200.00New Providence
Blake Academy$4,410.00New Providence
BLU Property Management$5,000.00Exuma
Blue Print Maintenance$4,410.00New Providence
Bre’s Box$4,500.00Andros
Burras Creek Laundromat$4,500.00Exuma
Cafe’ Loren$5,000.00Andros
CAPE WORLD$4,410.00New Providence
Carasco Skin$750.00New Providence
CAS Designs$5,000.00Eleuthera
CasaShadena$4,410.00New Providence
Cay Prestige$4,410.00New Providence
Charlotte Knowles Thompson Agency$5,000.00New Providence
Charmed Life Home Co.$4,410.00New Providence
Chell Tunez Creations$4,410.00New Providence
Cheryl’s Straw$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Chloe’s Catery$5,000.00New Providence
Continential Auto Imports$4,410.00New Providence
Copy Right Business Center$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Creative Corner BY Tasha$4,100.00Long Island
Crystal’s Straw Shop$3,800.00Grand Bahama
D & D fashion$4,410.00New Providence
D.O.V.S Global Marketing Concepts$4,410.00New Providence
DA CABIN$5,000.00Andros
Danielle K Beauty Studio$4,410.00New Providence
DCC Minks$5,000.00New Providence
Denise Boutique$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Deon Ian Fraser$4,410.00New Providence
DES party rental$1,700.00New Providence
Destiny’s & Diamond’s Closet$5,000.00New Providence
Diva’s Ink$500.00New Providence
DMM’S TAKE-AWAY & PARTY RENTAL$1,250.00New Providence
Dress like you’re already famous$4,410.00New Providence
Earthstrong Landscape Management LTD$4,410.00New Providence
Edith’s Straw Mart$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Elements Rentals$4,410.00New Providence
Ellis Clean Pro$2,500.00New Providence
EMBRACE Resort$5,000.00Exuma
Energy Foam Insulators$2,800.00New Providence
Enersei Engineering$4,410.00New Providence
EnhanceMePlus$2,000.00Grand Bahama
Enisca L. Jones Books$5,000.00New Providence
Enlighten Energy$1,500.00Grand Bahama
Enterprising Media Tactics International$4,410.00New Providence
EUNICA Unique Straw And Crafts$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Exquisite Landscaping and Maintenance$5,000.00New Providence
Fab looks Clothing & Accessories$4,410.00New Providence
Family Island Trading$5,000.00Eleuthera
Fergie’s$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Financial Literacy Centre$5,000.00New Providence
Finesse Motion Therapy$4,410.00New Providence
Fishbone Beach Bar and Grill$4,500.00Eleuthera
Four Season’s Property Management$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Fraser Industries$5,000.00New Providence
G & G MAINTENANCE$2,800.00New Providence
G.j Gifted Hands Landscaping Enterprise$4,100.00New Providence
GABRIEL Errands, Courier & Delivery Express$4,410.00New Providence
Gifted Creations$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Gina’s Fashion Boutique$2,500.00Exuma
God’s Envisioned Elegance$5,000.00New Providence
Godet’s Auto Enterprise$5,000.00New Providence
Green Tree Production$4,410.00New Providence
GrowLife Supplies$5,000.00New Providence
GT Auto Rentals$5,000.00New Providence
Gwendolyn Irene Smith T/A DT:#346$4,410.00New Providence
Habbakkuk&Geno,s auto imorts and accessories$4,100.00Andros
Hair Addicts$2,100.00New Providence
Heaven’s Delicacy Catering$5,000.00New Providence
Hey Babe Boutique$4,000.00Abaco
Holistic Blends$4,410.00New Providence
I See Hookahs$4,410.00New Providence
I. U. Home Studios$3,500.00New Providence
Impact Images$4,410.00New Providence
Island Customize Cleaning & Consulting Services$4,410.00New Providence
Island Dream Fisheries$4,500.00Andros
Island Handmade Boutique$5,000.00Andros
Island Oasis BRI$5,000.00Eleuthera
Island View Car Rentals$4,410.00New Providence
IVORY SEAFOOD$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Jan’s Beauty Center$2,000.00Grand Bahama
JOY STRAW BOOTH$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Judee’s Blissful Creations$5,000.00Long Island
Just Meat Butchershop$3,800.00Grand Bahama
K. MECHELLE$3,800.00Grand Bahama
K.O.G Care Lawn and General Maintenance$4,410.00New Providence
K&C Affordable Snacks$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Kathy Straw Shop$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Keishan’s Gifts$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Keith Smith$5,000.00Bimini
Khrafty & Kho.$3,350.00New Providence
Kim M. Deveaux Studio$4,410.00New Providence
KJ’S Variety Store$5,000.00Andros
Kobies Souse House$4,000.00New Providence
KrownMi edyaj Haircare$3,000.00New Providence
La La Buys Kids wear$4,410.00New Providence
Lavalinn Graphics Design Studios$500.00New Providence
Lease to Own$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Liberty Isle Grocery Store$5,000.00Eleuthera
Lily’s Boutique & Gift Shop 1$4,950.00Berry Islands
Lucille’s straw place$5,000.00Grand Bahama
M&M Property Development & Management Company$4,410.00New Providence
Majestic Images$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Maryann Cooper t/a Sand Trackers$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Mia Lourdes Boutique$4,410.00New Providence
Mind Body and Soul$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Mini Souvenir Booth$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Modern Construction Services$4,200.00New Providence
Motif Mobile Medi Spa Spa & Salon Ltd$5,000.00New Providence
Ms D’s Native Bahamian Straw and Handmade Souvenirs.$5,000.00Grand Bahama
New Era Fire and Safety Equipments$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Nickle & Dime $2 Plus Variety Store$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Nikita’s Landscaping & General Maintenance$5,000.00New Providence
Nitrophuse$1,850.00New Providence
Niyatrin tresses$3,100.00Grand Bahama
NottysFastFood$4,410.00New Providence
Octopus Inkjet$1,000.00Grand Bahama
olivia’s delight$3,800.00Grand Bahama
OMG Couture$3,800.00Grand Bahama
One stop snack shop$4,410.00New Providence
Organic Alternative Int’l$4,410.00New Providence
Pandora’s Box$5,000.00New Providence
Paramount Rehabilitation and Fitness$5,000.00New Providence
Pastries on wheels$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Pause by Beth Lauren Beauty$4,410.00New Providence
Payless Snackable$1,000.00Grand Bahama
PDC CORPORATE SERVICES$3,800.00New Providence
Perfect Paint$4,410.00New Providence
Pine Field Goat Farm$5,000.00Acklins
Pipe It Plumbing$5,000.00New Providence
PiXL Studios$4,410.00New Providence
Polished Professionals Consultancy$5,000.00New Providence
Pop Goes The Balloon$4,200.00New Providence
Port Lucaya Market place$3,000.00Grand Bahama
Pratt’ homestead$5,000.00New Providence
Prescola Cascarilla Nursery$5,000.00Acklins
PRESTIGE BOUTIQUE$3,300.00New Providence
Pretty Fancy Gift Shoppe$2,000.00New Providence
Pretty Little Tingz$2,500.00New Providence
Pro Business Office Solutions$5,000.00Grand Bahama
ProClean Detailing Services$3,700.00New Providence
Purpose Printing$4,410.00New Providence
Quzzy Styles$1,000.00New Providence
R & A Lawn and Gardening, General Maintenance and Landscaping Company$4,410.00New Providence
Radical Graphic Tees$4,000.00New Providence
RCN Solutions$5,000.00New Providence
Reid Rides$4,000.00Abaco
Reli Great Bargains$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Rickayla’s Creation$5,000.00Grand Bahama
RLC Construction$4,410.00New Providence
Robinson Quality Cleaning Company$5,000.00Exuma
s & c Cleaning & Janitorial Services$4,410.00New Providence
SACK & CO ENTERPRISE$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Sandy shores gifts$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Savior Lord God Enterprise$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Scharad Lightbourne Photography$4,410.00New Providence
Scripture Says$4,410.00New Providence
Sea Breeze Inn$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Seafood Masters$4,410.00New Providence
Seconds Count$5,000.00New Providence
Sensually Yours$5,000.00New Providence
SeriJohn$4,410.00New Providence
Shonia Souvenirs$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Shoreline Beach Club$5,000.00Exuma
Sig’s Party ’N Gifts$3,900.00New Providence
Signatrue Exquisite Scents$1,800.00New Providence
Signature Details$1,600.00New Providence
Skincare by Adjuah$1,200.00New Providence
Skyline Strategic Consultants$5,000.00New Providence
Smart Shoppers Playbook$4,200.00New Providence
Smiths Automotive Repairs$1,000.00New Providence
Snack Mansion$1,000.00New Providence
Stay Chill$5,000.00New Providence
Stress Free Depot$5,000.00New Providence
Sugar Apple Boutique$500.00Andros
Sunset Landscaping & General Maintenance$4,410.00New Providence
Tegrity Landscaping and Maintenance$3,200.00New Providence
The Big Bahamian Barnyard$4,410.00New Providence
The Cutting Edge Barbers & Supplies$3,800.00Grand Bahama
The Financial Academy$2,100.00New Providence
The Haircare Lab$3,800.00Grand Bahama
The Heritage Partners$4,410.00New Providence
The Lace Empire$4,410.00New Providence
The Pawsh Shoppe$3,600.00New Providence
The Pink Pineapple$5,000.00New Providence
The Protocol Guy$5,000.00New Providence
The Unique Shop$4,410.00New Providence
Three Amigos Media$5,000.00New Providence
Three Sons Convenience$4,000.00Abaco
Tia Toni Designs$5,000.00New Providence
Time Fa Designs$4,410.00New Providence
TMZ Car Rentals$4,410.00New Providence
Toppings Bahamian Pizza$4,120.00New Providence
Trading as Gaidina S Pinder$3,000.00Grand Bahama
Tranquilitas Health and Beauty Studio$3,200.00New Providence
TriGems Giftshop$5,000.00Eleuthera
Triple M Rental$5,000.00New Providence
True Shine$2,600.00New Providence
Twinkle Little Toes$5,000.00New Providence
Uncle Tommy’s Bakery$5,000.00Eleuthera
Universal Construction and Home Renovations$1,000.00Berry Islands
V&F Enterprise$500.00New Providence
Vacations In Paradise Farms$5,000.00Exuma
Veolamae gifts$3,800.00Grand Bahama
Wallace & Wallace$4,410.00New Providence
WAM General Maintenance$1,500.00New Providence
West End Ecology Tours$3,800.00Grand Bahama
WWW Construction Co.$4,200.00Berry Islands
Your Exclusive Events$5,000.00New Providence
Yslande Productions$5,000.00New Providence

Programme Recipients Round II

Company NameAmount FundedIsland
3 in 1unique women Cosmetic and Accessories$5,000Grand Bahama
Adorn Yourself Plus Boutique/JUS MASKS$5,000New Providence
Advantage.Administrative Consultants$2,500New Providence
AfterLife Motuary Services$5,000New Providence
Air2O Manufacturing$5,000Abaco
Aktiv Body Rehabilitation$5,000New Providence
Andros General Maintenance$5,000Andros
Anointed hands unlimited$5,000New Providence
Baha Jemms Spa$5,000New Providence
Bahamas Best Fruits and Vegetables$5,000New Providence
Bahamas Go Ads Public Promotions$5,000New Providence
Bahamas Virtual Business Solutions$4,000Grand Bahama
BARTLETT BOYS & CO repairs & installation$4,000Grand Bahama
Beauty in You Salon & Spa$5,000Grand Bahama
Big Daddy’s Restaurant$2,250Exuma
Big Hugh’s Variety Store$5,000Grand Bahama
Blackmale Productions$2,000New Providence
Blue Marlin Entertainment$4,000Grand Bahama
Booth F009$3,000Grand Bahama
Bradco Builders$5,000New Providence
Brianes Unisex & Nail Source Center$2,750Exuma
Brown’s Lodging$5,000New Providence
Butterfly Organic skin care system$5,000New Providence
Caring Hands Nursery & Preschool$4,000Grand Bahama
CATT’s Designs$5,000New Providence
Charming Treasures Boutique$3,500Exuma
CIARA FERRY BOAT$5,000Grand Bahama
Cinderella’s closet$2,500Cat Island
Cinnia Salon$4,500New Providence
Coopers Rental$5,000Grand Bahama
Creative Concrete Concepts$5,000New Providence
CT Solutions$4,000New Providence
Custom Made Tours$4,900Grand Bahama
Dapa Entertainment$5,000New Providence
Davis Grill & Things$4,000Berry Islands
Day Care Kindergarten$5,000Grand Bahama
DC Property Management$5,000New Providence
Dead Man’s Feast$2,500Long Island
dell straw mart$3,000Grand Bahama
Devine Craft$4,000Grand Bahama
Doris Heavenly Hot Dog Stand$3,000Grand Bahama
Dream Experience$5,000New Providence
e.e.s farms & export co ltd.$2,500Crooked Island
Executive Move$5,000New Providence
F.S.G Manufacturing Ltd$5,000New Providence
Fab’s Closet Boutique$5,000Grand Bahama
Fergie’s Janitorial Services$5,000New Providence
Foot Loose and Fancy Fingers Salon & Spa$5,000Grand Bahama
For the Working Lady$5,000New Providence
Four Walls Squash & Social Club$5,000New Providence
Golds Restaurant, Bar, and Souse House$5,000New Providence
Grants Craft’s$3,000Grand Bahama
HAB Enterprises$5,000New Providence
Heavenly Waters Plumbing$5,000New Providence
Hidden Gems$2,000New Providence
Hillview Cottages$4,000Exuma
Homestead Farms$5,000New Providence
IDA’S GROCERY$5,000Grand Bahama
Island Infusion$5,000New Providence
Island Spice$5,000New Providence
Jerenique’s boutique$5,000New Providence
JJC Weave to Go$4,100Inagua
Jo’nashas$5,000New Providence
Job Match Bahamas$2,000New Providence
Johnson’s Barber and Nails$5,000New Providence
K-Tees$4,000Berry Islands
K’s Seafood & Spices$5,000New Providence
K’s Burger$5,000Grand Bahama
Kacey’s Nails$5,000New Providence
KUJIA$5,000New Providence
L&j variety snack shop$3,000Grand Bahama
Landscape At Its Best$5,000New Providence
Landscaping & More…$5,000New Providence
Lashaes$4,000New Providence
Lavenia’s Kitchen$2,500Crooked Island
Lifestyles Digital Media Group$5,000New Providence
Lil Creek Restaurant and Bar$3,500Grand Bahama
LJ’s Jamaican and Bahamian Restaurant$1,000Bimini
Lucras Creative Designs$3,000New Providence
MAGICAL TOUCH SPA$2,000New Providence
Mekhi’s and D’s Car Rental$5,000Berry Islands
Miss Millie’s Pick-Up and Drop-Off Laundry Services$5,000New Providence
MowTown E Landscapers$3,500New Providence
Munroe’s Painting Services$4,500Eleuthera
My Bahamas Sponge$5,000New Providence
My Father’s Children$5,000New Providence
Narait It. Event Curation & Logistics$5,000New Providence
Native Organic’s$5,000New Providence
Naturally Bahamian$5,000New Providence
New Choice Convenience Store$5,000New Providence
NLS Global$5,000New Providence
Ocean Breeze Discount & Pharmacy$5,000Andros
On1 Guard Executive Protection$4,000New Providence
P&A Mobile Water and Beverage Depot$2,500Abaco
Paper Place Bahamas$4,500New Providence
Paul’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration$5,000New Providence
PersonaliTee$2,500Cat Island
Phormonic Construction$4,000Abaco
Pink Peal Restaurant & Bar$4,000Grand Bahama
Pinky´s Unique World of Straw$4,000Grand Bahama
Place trending$5,000New Providence
Private Eyes Hair Supplies Ltd.$5,000New Providence
Productions M.A.D.E.$5,000New Providence
Rayne Car Rentals$5,000New Providence
Regional Refrigeration & HVAC$5,000Grand Bahama
Relish Socks$5,000New Providence
Renew Home Care$5,000New Providence
Renocon$5,000New Providence
RGMII WayneHead Productions$5,000New Providence
RIDGE ENTERPRISES LTD trading as Ridge Farms$4,000Crooked Island
Road ready care rental$5,000New Providence
Rolles Place Cabanas$500Andros
Ruby’s Wings N Things$4,810Cat Island
Run Naturally$5,000New Providence
Sammy’s Meat mart Bimini$2,000Bimini
Saunders M & G Enterprise$5,000Eleuthera
Shanaenae’s Wholesale jewelry and Souvenirs$3,000Grand Bahama
Shane Boutique$5,000Abaco
Shopper’s Mart$5,000New Providence
Simplified Outsourcing$5,000New Providence
Slice of Paradise Construction$4,465Eleuthra
Solution Capital$2,000New Providence
Sun Boat Rentals$5,000Long Island
Sun, Sand and Swim$3,000Grand Bahama
SunQuest Services$3,500Long Island
Superior Finish Woodwork$3,600Grand Bahama
Sweet Creations Bakery$5,000New Providence
Take Eleven Productions$5,000New Providence
Tally’s Beauty Supplies$3,850Exuma
Taste Entertainment$5,000New Providence
Teacher’s Pet Educational Resource Center$4,000Grand Bahama
Tech World$5,000New Providence
The Cleaning Fairy$5,000New Providence
The Cunningham Group$5,000New Providence
The Learning Link Bahamas$5,000New Providence
The Muffler House$4,000Grand Bahama
The Pastry Candle Pub$5,000New Providence
The Print Genius$5,000New Providence
The Standard Plus Size Clothing & Acessories$5,000New Providence
The Unseen Hand Ltd dba Ryan’s Convenience Online$5,000New Providence
Three S’s Convenient Store/ S B Caswash$5,000San Salvador
Tin Ferl Pop Up Collective$5,000New Providence
TMS Community Music Project$1,000Bimini
Tripple K Car Rental$5,000Inagua
Troy’s Nature$5,000New Providence
Two Thumps Up Janitorial & Cleaning Services$5,000New Providence
UNeak’s Beauty Box$3,000Cat Island
Uniform City$3,000Grand Bahama
Upend Technologies$5,000New Providence
V & B Cleaning Company$5,000New Providence
Verne’s Shell Craft$3,000Grand Bahama
Vickys Variety$5,000Mayaguana
Virgils Convenience and Variety Store$2,500Acklins
Whyte’s Precision Repair & Painting$1,500Abaco
Wilcar International Company Ltd.$4,000New Providence
Your Good Life Pharmacy$4,000New Providence