Clients Funded

The following lists are approved clients funded by programmes, partnerships & initiatives facilitated through Access Accelerator as of July 31st, 2022. Disclaimer: Funds are not disbursed directly to clients.

Access Accelerator Programme

The flagship Access Accelerator Programme is the core of our operations including the facilitation of access to capital. Since inception, we've assisted 149 clients with access to $9,223,308.86 in grant, debt and equity funding. This is an ongoing programme.
Company NameApproved Funding AmountFunding TypeIsland
3Js Pest Control$15,000.00A² Matching GrantBimini
3Js Pest Control$15,000.00A² Micro LoanBimini
5 Star Martial Arts$3,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
5 Star Martial Arts$7,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
A Stitch In Time$7,468.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
A Stitch In Time$14,936.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Aaliyah's Enterprises$15,000.00A² Matching GrantSan Salvador
Aaliyah's Enterprises$15,000.00A² Micro LoanSan Salvador
Abaco Pines Medi Center$335,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanAbaco
Adriana's Vision Hutchey's Hideway Boutique Resort$15,000.00A² Matching GrantAndros
Adriana's Vision Hutchey's Hideway Boutique Resort$50,000.00A² Micro LoanAndros
Allied Security Systems$4,993.00A² Guaranteed LoanEleuthera
Allied Security Systems$4,993.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Alvernia Business Consulting Ltd$150,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Archery Culture$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Archery Culture$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Aspen Adventures$20,000.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Aspen Adventures$50,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Atlantic Auto Enterprises$10,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Atlantic Auto Enterprises$10,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Bahamas Land & Sea Tours$13,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Bahamas Land & Sea Tours$13,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Believe Wines$12,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Believe Wines$12,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Blessed Hands Landscaping$13,608.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Boost Academy Ltd$90,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Bugs Or Us$384,745.43A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Cajouben Luxury$3,805.94A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Central Andros Shipping$250,000.00EquityNew Providence
Central Andros Shipping$415,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Central Andros Shipping$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Central Andros Shipping$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Cheryl's Bahamas Taxi And Tours$215,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Cheryl's Bahamas Taxi And Tours$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Chickcharney Chirren$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Chickcharney Chirren$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
D&E Backhoe Services$20,000.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
D&E Backhoe Services$30,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
D&M Beauty Mart$5,750.00A² Matching GrantLong Island
D&M Beauty Mart$9,750.00A² Micro LoanLong Island
Da Cheapest (aka Alligo)$4,100.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Da Cheapest (aka Alligo)$4,100.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Daddy's Boys$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Daddy's Boys$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Delfin Charters$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Delfin Charters$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Discount Distributors$200,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Dream Wild Designs$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Dream Wild Designs$38,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Drive Green Rentals$100,000.00EquityNew Providence
Drive Green Rentals$50,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Drive Green Rentals$11,600.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Dynamic Builders & Project Managers$43,500.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Dynamic Builders & Project Managers$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Dynasty Cafe Delight$77,200.92A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Dynasty Cafe Delight$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Dynasty Cafe Delight$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Eastside Sanitation$61,500.00A² Guaranteed LoanGrand Bahama
Eleuthera Transfers & Tours$15,000.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Eleuthera Transfers & Tours$15,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Elite Force Landscaping$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Elite Force Landscaping$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Exuma Christian Academy$30,000.00EquityExuma
Exuma Christian Academy$100,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanExuma
Exuma Christian Academy$16,000.00A² Matching GrantExuma
Exuma Christian Academy$15,000.00A² Micro LoanExuma
Exuma Hydro Watersports$48,551.00A² Guaranteed LoanExuma
Exuma Underwater Store$31,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanExuma
Exuma Underwater Store$20,000.00A² Matching GrantExuma
Exuma Water Sports$20,000.00A² Matching GrantExuma
Exuma Water Sports$50,000.00A² Micro LoanExuma
EZ Car Rental$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Fire House Spice Company$5,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Fire House Spice Company$10,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Floshine Auto Detailing$10,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Floshine Auto Detailing$10,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Forever Gardens$15,000.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Forever Gardens$15,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Fowlco Ltd$115,000.00EquityGrand Bahama
Fowlco Ltd$345,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanGrand Bahama
Garden Masters Landscaping$12,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Garden Masters Landscaping$12,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Godet's Auto Enterprise$46,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Godet's Auto Enterprise$16,100.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Green Leaf Farms$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Green Leaf Farms$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Greene Corporate Services$5,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Greene Corporate Services$10,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Happy Hour Fitness$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Happy Hour Fitness$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Hats & Fascinators Unlimited$2,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Heavenly Palms$30,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
iDiscover$93,817.44EquityNew Providence
iDiscover$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
iDiscover$40,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Image Beauty Bar$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Image Beauty Bar$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Infinity Renovations & Landscaping$13,147.50A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Infinity Renovations & Landscaping$13,147.50A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Island Breeze$44,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Island Breeze$8,237.44A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Island Breeze$14,936.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
J's Car Rental$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
J's Car Rental$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Jet Locker$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Jet Locker$40,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Jet Set Go Carts$20,000.00A² Matching GrantAbaco
Jet Set Go Carts$30,000.00A² Micro LoanAbaco
Jojo's Beach Hub Bar & Grill$148,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Jojo's Beach Hub Bar & Grill$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Jojo's Beach Hub Bar & Grill$55,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Jujukanoo Arts$5,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Jujukanoo Arts$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Just Biz 242$6,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Just Biz 242$6,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Kait & Kail's Eatery$8,533.00A² Guaranteed LoanAndros
Kait & Kail's Eatery$8,533.00A² Matching GrantAndros
KB Bakery & Deli$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
KB Bakery & Deli$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
KevCo Printing$230,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Kiki's Kleen Sweep$2,500.00A² Matching GrantLong Island
Kiki's Kleen Sweep$2,500.00A² Micro LoanLong Island
Kyle & Kay Designs$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Kyle & Kay Designs$40,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Lady Brown Fishing Company$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Lady Brown Fishing Company$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Le Pavillion$186,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanGrand Bahama
Lele's Pizzas & Pastries$10,500.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Lele's Pizzas & Pastries$10,500.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Leopold's Chicken$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Leopold's Chicken$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Limeade Bahamas$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Limeade Bahamas$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Long Island Boat Rentals$15,000.00A² Matching GrantLong Island
Long Island Boat Rentals$15,000.00A² Micro LoanLong Island
Mac Electrical$7,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Mac Electrical$7,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Med Dent Company$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Med Dent Company$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
MediWaste Bahamas Ltd$20,000.00A² Matching GrantGrand Bahama
MediWaste Bahamas Ltd$50,000.00A² Micro LoanGrand Bahama
Miniso Franchising$525,000.00EquityNew Providence
Miniso Franchising$120,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Miniso Franchising$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Mirror Mirror Medical Spa$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Mirror Mirror Medical Spa$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Moncur Holdings Group$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Moncur Holdings Group$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
More Play Entertainment$69,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
More Play Entertainment$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Mr. J's Precision Transit$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Mr. J's Precision Transit$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Mutru Logistics$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Mutru Logistics$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
N&E Enterprises$350,000.00EquityAbaco
N&E Enterprises$150,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanAbaco
Naturally U$2,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
NBoxIt$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
NBoxIt$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Neptune Compostables$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Neptune Compostables$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Nom Nom Pita$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Nom Nom Pita$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Nutty Bavarian$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Nutty Bavarian$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Octis Organics$14,571.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Off Da Rocks Fishing$46,300.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Omar's Inland & Sea Nature Adventure Tours$7,500.00A² Matching GrantLong Island
Omar's Inland & Sea Nature Adventure Tours$7,500.00A² Micro LoanLong Island
Pampered by Promise$44,862.37A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Pampered by Promise$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Paradise Security$20,000.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Paradise Security$50,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Perfection Builders$10,000.00A² Matching GrantLong Island
Perfection Builders$10,000.00A² Micro LoanLong Island
Premium Processed Foods Ltd.$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Premium Processed Foods Ltd.$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Prenatal Pampering$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Prenatal Pampering$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Prestigious Transport$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Prestigious Transport$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Puff's Janitorial Services$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Puff's Janitorial Services$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Pulpy Frozen Desserts$100,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Pulpy Frozen Desserts$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Pulpy Frozen Desserts$35,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Q&L Building & Shipping Services$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Q&L Building & Shipping Services$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Randall Gibbs Luxury Transport$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Randall Gibbs Luxury Transport$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Red Sea Bahamas$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Red Sea Bahamas$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Remarkable Carz$15,000.00A² Matching GrantAndros
Remarkable Carz$15,000.00A² Micro LoanAndros
Rip Tyd Brewery$211,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Rip Tyd Brewery$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Rip Tyd Brewery$40,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Roxie's Car Rental$26,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Royalty's Custom Brokerage$9,481.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Royalty's Custom Brokerage$9,481.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Sandy Creek$50,000.00A² Micro LoanAndros
Screws & Tools$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Screws & Tools$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Seahorse Seafood Restaurant$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Seahorse Seafood Restaurant$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Seaside Breeze Restaurant And Coffee House$50,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Sentry Shield Security & Locksmith Company$15,000.00A² Matching GrantEleuthera
Sentry Shield Security & Locksmith Company$15,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Shift Enterprises$50,000.00A² Micro LoanEleuthera
Shiver Premium Ice Cream Ltd.$50,000.00EquityNew Providence
Shiver Premium Ice Cream Ltd.$135,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Shiver Premium Ice Cream Ltd.$16,900.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Sign Island$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Simmons Driving School$6,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Simmons Driving School$6,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Smart Bargains Convenience Store$13,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Smart Bargains Convenience Store$13,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Sprigs of Parsley$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Sprigs of Parsley$36,567.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Springbok$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Springbok$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Stacc Financial Limited$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Stacc Financial Limited$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Strawd Paper Straws$189,508.09A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
Strawd Paper Straws$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Sturrup's Enterprises$2,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Sturrup's Enterprises$2,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Teekie's Nest$11,372.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Teekie's Nest$11,372.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
The Cookie Caterer$75,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
The New Duff$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
The New Duff$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
The Produce Express$100,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
The Produce Express$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
The Sanctuary Nails And Beauty Spa$12,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
The Sanctuary Nails And Beauty Spa$20,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Thunder Alley$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Top Soil$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Top Soil$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Toya's Car Rental$6,051.58A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Toya's Car Rental$6,051.59A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Travel & Luggage$4,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Travel & Luggage$6,144.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Twist of Faith$7,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Twist of Faith$7,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Vanguard Musem$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Vanguard Musem$50,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Village Mold Testing & Remediation Services$20,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Village Mold Testing & Remediation Services$20,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Vue-AV$110,000.00A² Guaranteed LoanNew Providence
What Ya Need$7,500.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
What Ya Need$7,500.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Wholistic Lifestyles$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Wholistic Lifestyles$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Wildcrafted Base$13,926.44A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Wondertech$6,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Wondertech$8,700.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence
Xstream H20 Watersports$15,000.00A² Matching GrantNew Providence
Xstream H20 Watersports$15,000.00A² Micro LoanNew Providence

Royal Caribbean Programme

The Access Accelerator has partnered with the Royal Caribbean Group to provide funding and training opportunities for small businesses in the tourism sector. This initiative is open for entrepreneurs on New Providence, Grand Bahama and Berry Islands and has approved a total of $95,000 in grant and loan funding to 19 clients.
Company NameApproved Funding AmountFunding TypeIsland
Accessories Etc Bahamas$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Accessories Etc Bahamas$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Adjuah Arts$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Adjuah Arts$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
BahLeaf Teas$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
BahLeaf Teas$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Data Point Services Ltd$2,500.00RCL LoanGrand Bahama
Data Point Services Ltd$2,500.00RCL GrantGrand Bahama
Elements Rentals$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Elements Rentals$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Envious Beaute at Health and Beauty Parlour$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Envious Beaute at Health and Beauty Parlour$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Island Pennies Rentals & Sales$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Island Pennies Rentals & Sales$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Limeade Bahamas$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Limeade Bahamas$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Little Darlings Souvenir Booth$2,500.00RCL LoanGrand Bahama
Little Darlings Souvenir Booth$2,500.00RCL GrantGrand Bahama
MCPHEE AUTO RENTALS$2,500.00RCL LoanGrand Bahama
MCPHEE AUTO RENTALS$2,500.00RCL GrantGrand Bahama
Pearline Straw Shop$2,500.00RCL LoanGrand Bahama
Pearline Straw Shop$2,500.00RCL GrantGrand Bahama
Sheryl Russell's Arts & Crafts$2,500.00RCL LoanGrand Bahama
Sheryl Russell's Arts & Crafts$2,500.00RCL GrantGrand Bahama
Sis Nance Kitchen & Catering$2,500.00RCL LoanGrand Bahama
Sis Nance Kitchen & Catering$2,500.00RCL GrantGrand Bahama
Stay Chill$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Stay Chill$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
The New Duff Ltd.$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
The New Duff Ltd.$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Vacations In Paradise Transportation and Tours$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Vacations In Paradise Transportation and Tours$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Valken Motors$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Valken Motors$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
Viking Rentals$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
Viking Rentals$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence
X Stream H2O Sports Adventures Limited$2,500.00RCL LoanNew Providence
X Stream H2O Sports Adventures Limited$2,500.00RCL GrantNew Providence

Eleuthera Grant

As a part of an ongoing partnership with A², Disney Cruise Line sponsored the first cohort of grant funding (Summer 2021) to assist with local businesses in Central and South Eleuthera. This initiative approved a total of $149,351.06 in grant funding to 30 clients.
Company NameApproved Funding AmountSettlement
3S holdings$5,000.00Rock Sound
A & A Auto Imports$5,000.00Tarpum Bay
Alysha's Snack Depot$5,000.00Rock Sound
B.V.B. Painting$4,901.06Deep Creek
Beef's Seafood and Daiquiri Hut$5,000.00Rock Sound
Big Boy's Trucking$5,000.00Rock Sound
D & S Fancy Wieners$5,000.00Tarpum Bay
Da Melting Pot$5,000.00North Palmetto Point
Direct Couriers$5,000.00Bannerman Town
E.B's Deli and Takeaway$5,000.00Tarpum Bay
Eunique Services$5,000.00Rock Sound
Forever Beautiful Body Store$5,000.00Rock Sound
Fran's Yum Yums trading as Frances Friend$5,000.00Rock Sound
Glass Window Studios$5,000.00Wemyss Bight
Gwen's Backyard Edibles$5,000.00Tarpum Bay
Jay's   Lawn and Order Landscaping$5,000.00Rock Sound
Kait and Kaliey's Eatery$4,950.00Tarpum Bay
McGiver's Enterprise$5,000.00Wemyss Bight
Mia's Lettering & Designs$5,000.00Rock Sound
Munroe Welding and Repair Services$5,000.00Tarpum Bay
Nessa's Kitchen$4,500.00Rock Sound
Relentless Sponges$5,000.00Wemyss Bight
Rock Sound Beverage$5,000.00Rock Sound
ROCKY HILL FARM$5,000.00Green Castle
Shardae- The Accessory Plug$5,000.00Rock Sound
Sisi's boutique$5,000.00Rock Sound
The Only Rock Solid Construction$5,000.00Green Castle
Tilly's Cosmetics$5,000.00Rock Sound
Wigged By Dreyuh$5,000.00Palmetto Point
Xtreme Game Xpress$5,000.00South Palmetto Point

Standalone Grant

The government committed to providing A² with over 2.3M in grant funding to assist with the economic recovery of MSMEs within The Bahamas with an injection of capital. This initiative approved a total of $2,304,504.12 in grant funding to 549 clients.
Company NameApproved Funding AmountIslandStandalone Round
10th Year Seniors$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
12.01 Studios$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
242 Infused$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
3 in 1unique women Cosmetic and Accessories$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
3Gs (Gordon's Graphics and Grants)$5,000.00EleutheraRound 1
A Social Affair$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
A'Gilkash Outlet$4,978.80New ProvidenceRound 3
A&M Professional Lawncare Service$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
A+ Mathematics Intervention Learning Center$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Abaco's Island Fusion$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Acai Naturals$4,693.53New ProvidenceRound 3
Adderleys Landscaping And Plant Nursery$2,029.63EleutheraRound 3
Admin Business & CareerLife$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Adorn Yourself Plus Boutique/JUS MASKS$2,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Adrian Reid Construction$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Advantage.Administrative Consultants$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
AfterLife Motuary Services$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Ahro Farms Enterprises$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Air2O Manufacturing$3,000.00AbacoRound 2
Aktiv Body Rehabilitation$4,500.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Alex Caters$5,000.88New ProvidenceRound 3
Alexander Symonette Photography$2,398.00EleutheraRound 3
AlterEco$4,720.72New ProvidenceRound 3
AmberL$4,477.91New ProvidenceRound 3
Anae's Clothing$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Anchored Lifestyle Management$1,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Andros General Maintenance$2,500.00AndrosRound 2
ANG Beauty Supply$4,000.00AbacoRound 1
Angies Souvenirs$1,000.00Berry IslandsRound 1
Angnes straw and souvenir shop$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Anointed Hands Unlimited$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Archi-prints$5,022.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Armstrong Connections$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Ashley's Imports and Exports$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Athena's Lunch Delight$500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Auroraé Collections$2,800.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Autumn Crop Jewelry$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Awe Virtual Assistant Services$1,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
B&B Executive Caterers$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Baby Bliss$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
BabyMe Baby & Maternity Supplies$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Baha Jemms Spa$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Bahama Breeze Landscaping and Maintenance$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Bahama Myfi$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Bahama Tropical Drinks$4,997.61New ProvidenceRound 3
Bahama-Marketplace$4,213.41New ProvidenceRound 3
BahamaRock - Island Escape$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Bahamas Best Fruits and Vegetables$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Bahamas Go Ads Public Promotions$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Bahamas In A Box$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Bahamas Virtual Business Solutions$4,500.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Bahamian Gems$5,000.00AbacoRound 3
Bahamian Gifts$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Bahatech Consultancy$3,682.58New ProvidenceRound 3
Bahleaf Premium Teas$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Bakehouse$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Bartlett Boys & CO Repairs & Installation$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Batter Landscaping$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
BAZZI$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Beauticity$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Beauty in You Salon & Spa$4,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Beauty Therapy$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Beauty Touch By Lissa K$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Bella Bluí Lounge$2,000.00ExumaRound 1
Berecah Gems$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Bernie Arts & Crafts Souvenirs$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Berry Island Tours$5,000.00Berry IslandsRound 3
Bertha Boyz Coconuts$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Better in Paradise$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Big Daddy's Restaurant$2,250.00ExumaRound 2
Big Hugh's Variety Store$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Big Juicer's$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Billion Dollar Cuts$4,610.00ExumaRound 1
Bimini Boutique$4,000.00BiminiRound 1
Bimini EZ Mart$5,098.68BiminiRound 3
Bimini Innovations Distribution Depot$4,000.00BiminiRound 1
BizChocolate Creative$4,200.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Black Beards Grooming$4,998.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Black Food Bookstore & Culture Shop$3,398.20New ProvidenceRound 3
Black Sails Ltd.$4,575.80New ProvidenceRound 3
Blackmale Productions$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Blake Academy$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
BLU Property Management$5,000.00ExumaRound 1
Blue Marlin Entertainment$3,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Blue Print Maintenance$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Bomb Braids$5,021.82Grand BahamaRound 3
Booth F009$2,750.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Borderless Creative Group$4,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
BR&2J's Lunch Spot$3,830.26New ProvidenceRound 3
Bradco Builders$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Bre's Box$4,500.00AndrosRound 1
Brianes Unisex & Nail Source Center$3,000.00ExumaRound 2
Brown's Lodging$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
BSimms Interiors$4,976.75New ProvidenceRound 3
Burras Creek Laundromat$4,500.00ExumaRound 1
Butterfly Organic Skin Care System$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Buyers Market Bahamas$916.16New ProvidenceRound 3
C&O Bakery$4,436.46Cat IslandRound 3
Cafe Gourmet Restaurant & Catering$4,980.64New ProvidenceRound 3
Cafe' Loren$5,000.00AndrosRound 1
Cape World$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Carasco Skin$750.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Career Essentials Training & Development$3,933.88New ProvidenceRound 3
Caring Hands Nursery & Preschool$4,500.00Grand BahamaRound 2
CAS Designs$5,000.00EleutheraRound 1
CasaShadena$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
CATT's Designs$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Cay Prestige$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
CB Financial Ltd$5,000.00AbacoRound 3
Charlotte Knowles Thompson Agency$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Charmed Life Home Co.$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Charming Treasures Boutique$4,000.00ExumaRound 2
Chell Tunez Creations$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Cheryl's Straw$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Chloe's Catery$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Church Grove Breezy Inn$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Ciara Ferry Boat$2,500.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Cinderella's closet$3,500.00Cat IslandRound 2
Cinnia Salon$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Classic Design$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Cleola Desney Hanna (Stall #2)$4,000.00BiminiRound 1
Co-nnected$4,715.90New ProvidenceRound 3
Coco Reef Crafts Company$4,992.29New ProvidenceRound 3
Commonwealth Delivery Agency Trading as Swift-Rx$4,982.24New ProvidenceRound 3
Conch Gifts and Souvenirs$4,000.00BiminiRound 1
Continential Auto Imports$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Coopers Rental$4,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Copy Right Business Center$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Cozy Island Silk$4,999.99New ProvidenceRound 3
Create by Charmark$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Creative Concrete Concepts$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Creative Corner BY Tasha$4,100.00Long IslandRound 1
Crystal's Straw Shop$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
CT Solutions$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
CTB Designs$4,284.62New ProvidenceRound 3
Custom Creations 242$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Custom Made Tours$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
D & D fashion$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
D.O.V.S Global Marketing Concepts$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Da Cabin$5,000.00AndrosRound 1
Danielle K Beauty Studio$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Dapa Entertainment$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Davis Grill & Things$3,000.00Berry IslandsRound 2
Davis Packaging$5,000.00ExumaRound 3
Dawkins Farm$4,997.59New ProvidenceRound 3
Day Care Kindergarten$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
DC Property Management$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
DCC Minks$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Dead Man's Feast$3,000.00Long IslandRound 2
Dell Straw Mart$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
DelMar Disposables$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Denise Boutique$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Deon Ian Fraser$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
DES Party Rental$1,700.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Destiny's and Diamond's Closet$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Devine Craft$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Diamond Travel Agency$5,000.00AbacoRound 1
Diva’s Ink$500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
DL Consultants & Management Group$3,654.96New ProvidenceRound 3
DLJ Solar & Electric$4,612.35New ProvidenceRound 3
DMM'S Takeaway and Party Rental$1,250.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Dorimade Designs Authentic Bahamian Products$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Doris Heavenly Hot Dog Stand$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Dream Experience$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Dress like you’re already famous$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
E.E.S Farms & Export Co Ltd$2,000.00Crooked IslandRound 2
Earthstrong Landscape Management LTD$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Edith's Straw Mart$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Elements Rentals$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Ellis Clean Pro$2,500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Elsye Media & Graphics$4,988.54New ProvidenceRound 3
Elyte Events$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Emanji School of Arts$4,974.29New ProvidenceRound 3
Embrace Resort$5,000.00ExumaRound 1
Energy Foam Insulators$2,800.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Enersei Engineering$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
EnhanceMePlus$2,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Enisca L. Jones Books$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Enlighten Energy$1,500.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Enterprising Media Tactics International$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Escape Pro Travel International$2,700.00New ProvidenceRound 1
EUNICA Unique Straw And Crafts$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Excel Christian Academy$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Executive Move$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Exquisite Landscaping and Maintenance$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
F.S.G Manufacturing Ltd$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Fab looks Clothing & Accessories$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Fab's Closet Boutique$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Family Island Trading$5,000.00EleutheraRound 1
Fancy Fingerz Decor & Party Rentals$1,380.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Fergie’s$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Fergie’s Janitorial Services$3,500.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Financial Literacy Centre$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Finesse Motion Therapy$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Fishbone Beach Bar and Grill$4,500.00EleutheraRound 1
Flowers & Things by EM CEE$5,000.00Long IslandRound 2
Foot Loose and Fancy Fingers Salon & Spa$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
For the Working Lady$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Forever Shining 242$1,789.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Forever Snaps 360° Video Photo Booth$4,003.50New ProvidenceRound 3
Four Season's Property Management$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Four Walls Squash & Social Club$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Fraser Industries$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Full Frame Media$4,935.50New ProvidenceRound 3
G & G MAINTENANCE$2,800.00New ProvidenceRound 1
G.j Gifted Hands Landscaping Enterprise$4,100.00New ProvidenceRound 1
G&E Sunset Village$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
G&G Finishing Touch$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Gabriel Errands, Courier & Delivery Express$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Gianna Bowe$4,927.21AndrosRound 3
Gifted Creations$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Gina's Fashion Boutique$2,500.00ExumaRound 1
Glimmers & Gloss$2,757.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Go-Gettas$2,839.00Grand BahamaRound 3
God's Envisioned Elegance$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Godet's Auto Enterprise$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Gold Rock A 2 Z Construction Company$5,000.00AcklinsRound 3
Golds Restaurant, Bar, and Souse House$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Good Buys Convenience Store$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Grace Management Group$4,924.58New ProvidenceRound 3
Grants Craft's$2,500.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Green Tree Production$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
GrowLife Supplies$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
GT Auto Rentals$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Gwendolyn Irene Smith T/A DT:#346$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
HAB Enterprises$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Habbakkuk & Geno Auto Imports & Accessories$4,100.00AndrosRound 1
Hair Addicts$2,100.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Harbour 1 Wireless Ltd.$3,225.40New ProvidenceRound 3
Haus O' Joii$3,164.23New ProvidenceRound 3
Heaven's Delicacy Catering$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Heavenly Waters Plumbing$4,100.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Hey Babe Boutique$4,000.00AbacoRound 1
Hidden Gems$3,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Hill Springs Ice & Water Company$2,271.66AndrosRound 3
Hillview Cottages$5,000.00ExumaRound 2
Holistic Blends$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Homestead Farms$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
I See Hookahs$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
I. U. Home Studios$3,500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Ida's Grocery$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Impact Images$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Impressions Rentals$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Innovative Maintenance & Landscaping$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Island Customize Cleaning & Consulting Services$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Island Dream Fisheries$4,500.00AndrosRound 1
Island Handmade Boutique$5,000.00AndrosRound 1
Island Infusion$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Island Muze$2,167.90Grand BahamaRound 3
Island Oasis BRI$5,000.00EleutheraRound 1
Island Spice$2,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Island View Car Rentals$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
IVORY SEAFOOD$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Jan's Beauty Center$2,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Jerenique’s boutique$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
JJC Weave to Go$5,000.00InaguaRound 2
Jo-Clar's$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Jo'nashas$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Job Match Bahamas$3,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Johnson's Barber and Nails$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Joy Straw Booth$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Js Gadgets$4,877.48New ProvidenceRound 3
Judee's Blissful Creations$5,000.00Long IslandRound 1
Just Juice$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Just Meat Butchershop$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
K-Tees$5,000.00Berry IslandsRound 2
K. Mechelle$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
K.O.G Care Lawn and General Maintenance$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
K.S.E Island Delight Takeaway Restaurant$5,000.00AndrosRound 1
K's Seafood & Spices$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
K&C Affordable Snacks$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
K’s Burger$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Kacey's Nails$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Karibbean Krafts$3,297.54New ProvidenceRound 3
Kathy Straw Shop$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Keishan's Gifts$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Keith Smith$5,000.00BiminiRound 1
Kemuel Cox Funeral Cremation Center$4,870.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Khrafty & Kho.$3,350.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Kim M. Deveaux Studio$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
King Paracord$4,131.26New ProvidenceRound 3
KJ'S Variety Store$5,000.00AndrosRound 1
Knowles Auto Repair$5,000.00Long IslandRound 2
Kobies Souse House$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
KPP DEVELOPMENT$4,875.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Krown Mi Edyaj Haircare$3,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
KUJIA$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
L&A Corporate Partners T/A Sophisticated U$1,818.00EleutheraRound 3
L&j variety snack shop$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
La La Buys Kids wear$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Landscape At Its Best$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Landscaping & More...$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Lashaes$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
LaShann Terrelle Designs$3,997.93New ProvidenceRound 3
Lavalinn Graphics Design Studios$500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Lavenia's Kitchen$5,000.00Crooked IslandRound 2
Lease to Own$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Liberty Isle Grocery Store$5,000.00EleutheraRound 1
Lifestyles Digital Media Group$2,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Lil Creek Restaurant and Bar$4,810.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Lily's Boutique & Gift Shop 1$4,950.00Berry IslandsRound 1
Little Island Adventurers$1,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
LJ's Jamaican and Bahamian Restaurant$5,000.00BiminiRound 2
Lucille's straw place$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Lucras Creative Designs$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Lynn Cole Beauty$2,306.08New ProvidenceRound 3
M&M Property Development & Management Company$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Magical Touch Spa$1,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Magnolas Designz and Crafts$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Maintenance Generalized$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Majestic Images$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Mekhi's and D's Car Rental$5,000.00Berry IslandsRound 2
Melanie Johnson$2,500.00Ragged IslandRound 3
Mia Bella$5,000.00San SalvadorRound 3
Mia Lourdes Boutique$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Mind Body and Soul$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Mini Souvenir Booth$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Miss Millie's Pick-Up and Drop-Off Laundry Services$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
MJ Designs$4,999.88New ProvidenceRound 3
Modern Construction Services$4,200.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Mollan Design Graphic Studio$4,601.13New ProvidenceRound 3
Motif Mobile Medi Spa Spa & Salon Ltd$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
MowTown E Landscapers$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Mr. Zesty Chef Takeout Restaurant$5,016.16Grand BahamaRound 3
Mrs. Smith's Cafe & Takeout$4,940.50Grand BahamaRound 3
Ms D’s Native Bahamian Straw and Handmade Souvenirs.$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Munroe’s Painting Services$3,500.00EleutheraRound 2
My Bahamas Sponge$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
My Father's Children$4,900.00New ProvidenceRound 2
My J's Landscaping & Rental of Equipment$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Nakia's Empire$4,945.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Narait It. Event Curation & Logistics$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Native Organics$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Naturally Bahamian$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
New Choice Convenience Store$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
New Era Fire and Safety Equipments$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Nickle & Dime $2 Plus Variety Store$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Nikita's Landscaping & General Maintenance$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Nitrophuse$1,850.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Niyatrin Tresses$3,100.00Grand BahamaRound 1
NLS Global$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
NottysFastFood$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Nyshas Daiquiris & More$4,000.00AbacoRound 3
Ocean Breeze Discount & Pharmacy$5,000.00AndrosRound 2
Octopus Inkjet$1,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Oh! Natural Aromatherapy$4,998.09New ProvidenceRound 3
Olivia's Delight$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
OMG Couture$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
On1 Guard Executive Protection$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
One Stop Snack Shop$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Onyx Cosmetics$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Organic Alternative Int'l$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Outreach Sales & Marketing Management$4,622.24New ProvidenceRound 3
Oyi Gimmie Dat Sauce$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
P&A Mobile Water and Beverage Depot$3,000.00AbacoRound 2
Pandora’s Box$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Paper Place Bahamas$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Paramount Rehabilitation and Fitness$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Party In A Box Event Planning Company$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Pastries on wheels$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Paul's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Paula Mae Robinson t/a Eternitymark$4,948.50Grand BahamaRound 3
Pause by Beth Lauren Beauty$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Payless Snackable$1,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
PDC Corporate Services$3,800.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Pepper Fish Limited$4,596.08New ProvidenceRound 3
Perfect Paint$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
PersonaliTee$2,000.00Cat IslandRound 2
Phormonic Construction$4,000.00AbacoRound 2
Pine Field Goat Farm$5,000.00AcklinsRound 1
Pink Flamingo Marketing$2,432.85New ProvidenceRound 3
Pink Peal Restaurant & Bar$3,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Pinky´s Unique World of Straw$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Pipe It Plumbing$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
PiXL Studios$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Place trending$4,465.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Platnium Decor$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 3
PLUS 4 SERVICES$4,989.68AndrosRound 3
Plush Body Treats$3,640.88New ProvidenceRound 3
Polished Professionals Consultancy$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Pop Goes The Balloon$4,200.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Port Lucaya Market place$3,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Powerhouse Gym & Fitness Center$4,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Pratt' homestead$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Prescola Cascarilla Nursery$5,000.00AcklinsRound 1
Prestige Boutique$3,300.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Pretty Fancy Gift Shoppe$2,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Pretty Little Tingz$2,500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Private Eyes Hair Supplies Ltd.$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Pro Business Office Solutions$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Pro Fuel Elite$3,892.39New ProvidenceRound 3
ProClean Detailing Services$3,700.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Productions M.A.D.E.$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Progressive Health Care$4,326.16New ProvidenceRound 3
Purpose Printing$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Quzzy Styles$1,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
R & A Lawn and Gardening, General Maintenance and Landscaping Company$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Radical Graphic Tees$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Rayne Car Rentals$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
RCN Solutions$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Refresher for Kids Development Center$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Regional Refrigeration & HVAC$2,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Reid Rides$4,000.00AbacoRound 1
Reli Great Bargains$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
RELIABLE EFFICIENT BUILDERS$4,926.07New ProvidenceRound 3
Relish Socks$3,500.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Renew Home Care$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Renew Naturally Soaps and Bath Bombs$4,308.91New ProvidenceRound 3
Renocon$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Resin Culture$4,805.63New ProvidenceRound 3
RGMII WayneHead Productions$2,500.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Rickayla's Creation$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Ridge Enterprises Limited$1,500.00Crooked IslandRound 2
RLC Construction$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Road ready care rental$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Robinson Quality Cleaning Company$5,000.00ExumaRound 1
Rolles Place Cabanas$5,000.00AndrosRound 2
Ruby's Wings N Things$2,500.00Cat IslandRound 2
Run Naturally$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
S&C Cleaning & Janitorial Services$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Sack & Co Enterprise$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Sammy's Meat mart Bimini$2,500.00BiminiRound 2
Sand Trackers$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Sandy Shores Gifts$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Sani-Clean Services$2,500.00AndrosRound 2
Saunders M & G Enterprise$5,000.00EleutheraRound 2
Savior Lord God Enterprise$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
SAVOUR$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Scharad Lightbourne Photography$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Scripture Says$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Sea Breeze Inn$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Seafood Masters$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Seconds Count$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Sensually Yours$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
SeriJohn$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Shanaenae's Wholesale jewelry and Souvenirs$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Shane Boutique$5,000.00AbacoRound 2
Sheretha's Cre8tive Solutions$3,423.60EleutheraRound 3
Shinra Company Ltd.$4,455.77New ProvidenceRound 3
Shonia Souvenirs$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Shopper's Mart$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Shoreline Beach Club$5,000.00ExumaRound 1
Sig's Party 'N Gifts$3,900.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Signatrue Exquisite Scents$1,800.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Signature Details$1,600.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Simplified Outsourcing$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Skincare by Adjuah$1,200.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Skyline Strategic Consultants$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Slice of Paradise Construction$5,000.00EleutheraRound 2
Smart Shoppers Playbook$4,200.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Smiths Automotive Repairs$1,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Snack Mansion$1,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Solution Capital$2,500.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Stay Chill$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Stress Free Depot$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Sugar Apple Boutique$500.00AndrosRound 1
Sun Boat Rentals$5,000.00Long IslandRound 2
Sun, Sand and Swim$3,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
SunQuest Services$5,000.00Long IslandRound 2
Sunset Landscaping & General Maintenance$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Superior Finish Woodwork$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Sweet Creations Bakery$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Sweet Desires$4,468.10AbacoRound 3
T&M Transportation & Concierge Services$5,000.00AbacoRound 3
Take Eleven Productions$2,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Tally’s Beauty Supplies$4,250.00ExumaRound 2
Task Bunny$4,788.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Taste Entertainment$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Teacher's Pet Educational Resource Center$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Tech World$2,500.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Tegrity Landscaping and Maintenance$3,200.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Teluscope Corporation Ltd$5,000.00ExumaRound 3
The Arc Group$3,600.00New ProvidenceRound 3
The Big Bahamian Barnyard$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Children's Den$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
The Cleaning Fairy$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
The Cove Bar & Lounge$2,927.24Grand BahamaRound 3
The Cunningham Group$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
The Cutting Edge Barbers & Supplies$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
The Financial Academy$2,100.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Fire Safety Guy$4,991.92New ProvidenceRound 3
The Fuzzy Peach$4,955.75New ProvidenceRound 3
The Haircare Lab$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
The Happy Soaper$4,993.04AndrosRound 3
The Heritage Partners$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Lace Empire$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Learning Link Bahamas$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
The Muffler House$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
The Online Training Authority Ltd.$4,281.00New ProvidenceRound 3
The Pastry Candle Pub$3,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
The Pawsh Shoppe$3,600.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Pink Pineapple$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Print Genius$3,600.00New ProvidenceRound 2
The Protocol Guy$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Standard Plus Size Clothing & Acessories$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
The Unique Shop$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
The Unseen Hand Ltd dba Ryan's Convenience Online$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
The Virtual Preschool Classroom$4,587.52New ProvidenceRound 3
Think Pink Construction$4,129.12Grand BahamaRound 3
Three Amigos Media$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Three S's Convenient Store/ S B Caswash$500.00San SalvadorRound 2
Three Sons Convenience$4,000.00AbacoRound 1
Tia Toni Designs$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
TIDE Consultants$3,596.35New ProvidenceRound 3
Time Fa Designs$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Tin Ferl Pop Up Collective$4,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
TMS Community Music Project$5,000.00BiminiRound 2
TMZ Car Rentals$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
To Each Their Own$4,461.81EleutheraRound 3
Toppings Bahamian Pizza$4,120.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Trading as Gaidina S Pinder$3,000.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Tranquilitas Health and Beauty Studio$3,200.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Trecey's Beauty Supply Store$4,492.00Grand BahamaRound 3
Treehouse Design & Drafting Studios Co.$4,834.95New ProvidenceRound 3
TriGems Giftshop$5,000.00EleutheraRound 1
Triple M Rental$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Tripple K Car Rental$3,000.00InaguaRound 2
Troy's Nature$3,850.00New ProvidenceRound 2
True Shine$2,600.00New ProvidenceRound 1
True Vision (Film, Sound, Cinema)$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Twinkle Little Toes$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Two Thumps Up Janitorial & Cleaning Services$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Uncle Nate All Around Barber & Gaming Room$4,500.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Uncle Tommy's Bakery$5,000.00EleutheraRound 1
UNeak's Beauty Box$5,000.00Cat IslandRound 2
Uniform City$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Universal Construction and Home Renovations$1,000.00Berry IslandsRound 1
Upend Technologies$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
V & B Cleaning Company$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
V&F Enterprise$500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Vacations In Paradise Farms$5,000.00ExumaRound 1
Veolamae gifts$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
Verne's Shell Craft$5,000.00Grand BahamaRound 2
Vickys Variety$4,000.00MayaguanaRound 2
Virgils Convenience and Variety Store$5,000.00AcklinsRound 2
Virtual Assistant Solutions Bahamas$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
WAFFLE ZONE$4,232.23New ProvidenceRound 3
Wallace & Wallace$4,410.00New ProvidenceRound 1
WAM General Maintenance$1,500.00New ProvidenceRound 1
West End Ecology Tours$3,800.00Grand BahamaRound 1
West End Water sports$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 3
Wheels of Faith$4,954.81Long IslandRound 3
Whyte's Precision Repair & Painting$5,000.00AbacoRound 2
Wilcor International Company Ltd.$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
WWW Construction Co.$4,200.00Berry IslandsRound 1
Your Exclusive Events$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1
Your Good Life Pharmacy$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 2
Yslande Productions$5,000.00New ProvidenceRound 1

Preschool Grant

The government, in collaboration with The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Pre-School and Day-Care Centre Council committed to providing A² with grant funding through The Universal Pre-Primary Education initiative. This initiative approved a total of $1 million in grant funding to 49 clients to assist preschool entrepreneurs in facilitating early childhood development.
Company NameFunding Amount ApprovedIsland
1 on One25,000.00New Providence
A Mother’s Heart Nursery & Preschool21,000.00New Providence
A.B.C Palace Daycare Center & Nursery17,300.00New Providence
Annie's Nursery & Kindergarten25,000.00New Providence
Bright Horizon Christian Academy25,000.00Grand Bahama
Bright Start Christian Academy25,000.00Grand Bahama
Brighter Destiny Christian Preparatory Preschool25,000.00Grand Bahama
Careful Hands Daycare & Preschool25,000.00New Providence
Central's Christian Academy25,000.00Grand Bahama
F. E. Stevens Academy4,312.50Andros
Faith Christian Academy25,000.00Grand Bahama
Faith walk academy21,000.00Grand Bahama
Freeport Gospel Chapel School25,000.00Grand Bahama
Funshine Academy22,000.00New Providence
Gateway learning Centre15,000.00New Providence
Genesis Academy25,000.00New Providence
Grace Christian Academy25,000.00Grand Bahama
Growing Minds Academy and Day Care25,000.00New Providence
Happy Tots Academy17,500.00New Providence
High Tree4,312.50New Providence
Horizon Christian Academy22,000.00New Providence
James Rollie Smith Pre-school25,000.00Bimini
Joyful Kidz Christian Academy21,000.00New Providence
Kids Kingdom Preschool & Nursery25,000.00Grand Bahama
KIdz Play House4,312.50New Providence
Kingdom Kids Early Learning & Daycare Centre25,000.00New Providence
Little Talent4,312.50New Providence
Loving Angels Preschool25,000.00New Providence
Meadows Children's Garden Academy Ltd12,500.00New Providence
Over The Rainbow25,000.00New Providence
Periwinkles Academy8,000.00New Providence
Precious Moments Nursery & Preschool17,500.00Grand Bahama
Promise Institute25,000.00Andros
PTL Preschool & Daycare25,000.00Grand Bahama
Rhema Preparatory24,800.00New Providence
Rising Stars Christian Preschool & Daycare25,000.00Grand Bahama
Small Steps early learning Center13,000.00New Providence
South Beach Union Baptist Preschool20,000.00New Providence
Southwest Christian Academy25,000.00New Providence
St. Michaels' Methodist Preschool25,000.00New Providence
The Big Apple Academy Preschool25,000.00New Providence
The Just Kids Preschool and Nursery25,000.00Grand Bahama
The Kidz Castle Preschool & Daycare Center15,000.00New Providence
The Learning Tree15,000.00New Providence
The Remnant MiniVersity & Academy23,500.00New Providence
Ulearn Daycare12,000.00New Providence
Unique Christian Academy24,100.00New Providence
Vision Academy15,550.00New Providence
Wee Care Nursery & Pre-School25,000.00Grand Bahama

Farming & Fishing Programme

The government, via The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources (MAMR), through collaboration provided A² with funding to support farming and fishing projects throughout The Bahamas. This initiative approved a total of $5,029,586.99 in grant funding to 214 clients.
Company NameFunding Amount ApprovedIndustry TypeIsland
3K Fishing Company25,038.08FishingExuma
Acklins Islanders Cooperative Society LImited25,000.00AgricultureAcklins
Agricultural Development Solutions10,544.93AgricultureNew Providence
AgroGate39,946.13AgricultureNew Providence
Alphonso Smith Farm25,411.08AgricultureAndros
Anai K Limes50,000.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Andros Chickcharney Farms29,872.53AgricultureAndros
Applehole Farm26,600.89AgricultureEleuthra
Arby's Farm17,000.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Archipelago Seafood Ltd.49,996.64FishingGrand Bahama
B&M Farm Enterprise5,095.15AgricultureAndros
Bahamas Apiary Treasure Housing10,000.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Bahamas Ocean Fisheries21,477.08FishingNew Providence
Bains Fisheries ltd30,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
BeeX Naturals14,778.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Benjamin Butterfield554.92FishingGrand Bahama
Benji Bees2,076.62AgricultureAndros
Bevans Family Farming17,000.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Big Dee's Fishing14,042.56FishingAndros
Billy Goat Farms37,013.33AgricultureCat Island
BlackBeard Marine Services31,935.53FishingGrand Bahama
Blue Roots Farm49,028.34AgricultureAndros
Blue Water Organic farm49,846.95AgricultureGrand Bahama
Bluefinn Charters43,664.32FishingNew Providence
Bluewater Fishing27,809.82FishingNew Providence
Boat-Hamian Fisheries18,561.36FishingNew Providence
Brian O Cleare Farm16,115.00AgricultureAndros
Bro Mo's Farm12,465.91AgricultureGrand Bahama
BrotherB's Group32,845.61FishingNew Providence
C & G Fisheries30,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
CK Enterprises23,293.55FishingSan Salvador
Evans Farm25,232.50AgricultureAndros
Capt Seas Fishing5,550.00FishingLong Island
Cartwrights Bay Bone Fish Lodge7,100.00FishingLong Island
Cazimo Farms30,900.00AgricultureExuma
Charlene Gardiner14,000.00AgricultureAbaco
Chiccharney Farms33,416.65AgricultureNew Providence
Clara Generation Farm7,980.00AgricultureCat Island
Crooked Island Tea Leaves21,000.00AgricultureCrooked Island
Cynthia Backyard Gardening4,743.00AgricultureNew Providence
D&N Fishing Company20,754.12FishingCrooked Island
DA Okra Orchard20,000.00AgricultureNew Providence
Dada's Farm14,255.00AgricultureAndros
Dean's Fishing4,346.14FishingLong Island
Deep South Island Seafood34,514.56FishingInagua
Devine's Treasure32,348.00FishingAndros
Dorothy Noel11,720.50AgricultureAndros
Down Too Earth Adventure Farm18,646.74AgricultureNew Providence
D'vanya's Manufacturing856.13ManufacturingNew Providence
E & E Fisheries50,000.00FishingNew Providence
Tweety's Farm19,582.52AgricultureNew Providence
Edward Knowles12,500.00FishingLong Island
Eldrick Farms10,556.60AgricultureAndros
Evans Fishery26,601.00FishingAndros
Evans Natural Harvest49,724.55AgricultureAndros
Ezekiel McIntosh Farm1,000.00AgricultureAbaco
Family Affair SeaFoods34,571.04FishingNew Providence
Fishfull Thinkin26,756.98FishingAndros
Flourishing feilds27,946.00AgricultureAndros
Floyd's Farm44,648.22AgricultureAndros
Francine's Seafood6,602.40FishingAndros
Fresh Fish Sales14,476.00FishingNew Providence
Freshly Produce8,500.00AgricultureNew Providence
Fritz Bait Rods Tackle and Lines Wholesale42,198.81FishingGrand Bahama
Gaia Greens5,712.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Garnet's Seafood/Chum Bucket50,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Get Hooked 24232,518.16FishingGrand Bahama
Gold Digger25,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Good Soil Farms6,200.00AgricultureNew Providence
Grand Bahama Backyard Farmers23,255.24AgricultureGrand Bahama
Grateful Heart Farm30,000.00AgricultureCat Island
Greater Works Fisheries50,000.00FishingLong Island
Green Acres Apiary and Poultry Farms49,754.72AgricultureNew Providence
Green Life Farms21,650.00AgricultureLong Island
GrowLife Supplies47,187.48AgricultureNew Providence
Grown for You Farmers23,084.00AgricultureEleuthra
H&H Fushes20,700.00FishingNew Providence
Hard Merchandise50,000.00FishingLong Island
Harvest Fresh Farms International17,508.00AgricultureNew Providence
Henry Duncombe Farms32,000.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Hinzey Farming1,302.95AgricultureNew Providence
Hook It Up10,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Hope Farm5,768.80AgricultureEleuthra
Isla Homestead7,169.02AgricultureExuma
Island Boy Fisheries6,602.40FishingAndros
Island Buzz Apiary25,995.00AgricultureExuma
Island Fresh Seafood Market15,730.00FishingNew Providence
Island Manna Farm Store and Agricultural Services33,315.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
island shores seafood50,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Island Sponges23,000.00AgricultureLong Island
Island Supreme Seafood5,000.00FishingNew Providence
Ivory Seafood25,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
J&B Seafood9,118.54FishingAndros
J&K Fishing Seafood Enterprise27,551.38FishingNew Providence
J&B's FISHING43,820.00FishingAndros
J&D Farms20,261.95AgricultureNew Providence
James Cartwright Fisherman33,550.00FishingLong Island
Jameson Farrington6,602.40FishingAndros
JC Tredo38,992.00FishingGrand Bahama
JenBright Farms18,553.89AgricultureNew Providence
North Andros Fisheries41,111.06FishingAndros
Jessiah Enterpraises4,961.80AgricultureAndros
JjLillie Organics20,054.72AgricultureGrand Bahama
Julie Anne Seafood20,000.00FishingNew Providence
JUSTIN SANDS39,606.00FishingAbaco
K & N Fishing House8,518.54FishingAndros
K99 Filly & Netta Farms8,000.00AgricultureAndros
KB FARMS12,500.00AgricultureExuma
KENNETH NELSON BENEBY9,399.48AgricultureNew Providence
Kim's Fishing Company20,987.25FishingAndros
Krazy Katfish Seafood Delivery15,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Lady Kayla3,243.50FishingAndros
Lady Margaret6,602.40FishingAndros
Lady Rovina Fishing34,634.26FishingLong Island
Lady Tanya29,974.00FishingAndros
Leon Elvis Storr11,787.00AgricultureAndros
Liberation Farm25,725.00AgricultureNew Providence
Lion Fish49,725.00FishingGrand Bahama
Locky and Sons25,266.58FishingNew Providence
Long Island Farm House11,432.93AgricultureLong Island
LoopGrace20,088.00FishingLong Island
Love 2 Grow Farm15,146.20AgricultureAndros
Lovely Bay Seafood48,775.28FishingNew Providence
M/V Lisa Bain36,800.00FishingGrand Bahama
Mack the Fisher47,514.26FishingEleuthra
Marshall's Healthy Harvest12,487.96AgricultureAndros
Mary Horetta Storr16,833.00AgricultureAndros
Mavis Sea Adventure46,564.00FishingAndros
Maycock Seafood Delight11,000.00FishingExuma
Meko Experience Fishing40,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Melly Creek Seafood & Supplies48,217.56FishingAndros
Miracle Worker Fishing Boat49,834.00FishingNew Providence
Miss Stephanie18,020.80FishingLong Island
Mjolnir25,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Move the rock farms9,375.52AgricultureNew Providence
Mama Rose Farm18,647.06AgricultureNew Providence
Laverty & Trudell Milfort12,270.00AgricultureAndros
My Patricia21,131.25FishingNew Providence
Nature At It's Finest37,265.50AgricultureAndros
Nature's Big Yard Farm37,554.59AgricultureAndros
Nature's Fresh Produce Farm20,000.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Nature's Way Farm17,650.00AgricultureNew Providence
New Dawn Farms Nursery4,918.80AgricultureAndros
Newton & Sons Livestock & Poultry8,258.00AgricultureAndros
Newton's Fresh Catch46,564.00FishingAndros
Nicole Lafleur38,302.00AgricultureAndros
No Splash No Cash28,900.00FishingAcklins
No Stress Fishing Company18,547.20FishingEleuthra
Ocean Creek Seafood Ltd10,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Ocean Star Investments Limited26,645.92FishingEleuthra
On The Rise Fisheries23,436.78FishingGrand Bahama
P & A Rocky Farm1,000.00AgricultureExuma
Parkey's Fisheries18,816.19FishingNew Providence
Paulamae Colebrooke Farm8,250.00AgricultureAndros
Piece of the Sea/The Ocean Harvest30,404.64FishingGrand Bahama
Poseidon Fishing44,368.11FishingNew Providence
Pratts homestead47,040.15AgricultureNew Providence
Prince Myers Fishing Enterprise46,112.15FishingAndros
Princess Katalina23,340.00FishingEleuthra
Prolific Agricultural Enterprises40,364.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Q and A   pork farms4,074.00AgricultureNew Providence
Rashad Sareno Thompson9,669.03FishingAndros
Red Gold Marine Ltd19,162.97FishingGrand Bahama
Robert Barr6,602.40FishingAndros
Rich's Catch13,026.27FishingGrand Bahama
Rolle's Fisheries25,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Rolling Sea Enterprises49,716.52FishingAndros
R.Hanna10,995.25FishingGrand Bahama
Rosa Organic Farms29,136.65AgricultureNew Providence
Rose Farms and Villas34,676.45AgricultureNew Providence
Ruff Up & Crew Fishing18,499.04FishingBerry Islands
Russell's Farming5,133.00AgricultureAndros
Sanaa's Fishing14,996.78FishingSan Salvador
Sandy Point Seafood24,315.20FishingAbaco
Sea warrior30,000.00FishingLong Island
Sea-Fox Fisheries15,300.00FishingLong Island
Sea-Licious20,000.00FishingGrand Bahama
Select Choice Seafood25,992.91FishingNew Providence
Sharky Fin36,591.10FishingNew Providence
Sienna Foods & Supplies35,861.16AgricultureAndros
Silver Hill Island Company18,000.00AgricultureAcklins
Sislyn Russell Farrington6,010.61AgricultureAndros
Smitty's Seafood38,938.43FishingBimini
Solomon's Orchid28,734.87AgricultureCat Island
Southeast Fresh Seafood5,500.00FishingCrooked Island
Sow Right Farms14,541.92AgricultureMayaguana
Stevie's Fishing Guide Service21,056.00FishingExuma
Sulebeca Farm21,232.50AgricultureGrand Bahama
Sunset Organic Farm19,041.61AgricultureNew Providence
Sustainable Farming10,157.28AgricultureNew Providence
Tarpum Bay Crab Daddy's33,275.89FishingEleuthra
Tavey Wallace Farm20,875.20AgricultureAndros
T. Kerwin16,513.93FishingEleuthra
The Coconut Factory48,625.00AgricultureNew Providence
Thunderbird Sea Adventure50,000.00FishingCrooked Island
Tierra Brava Farms29,480.81AgricultureGrand Bahama
Triple E Nursey758.00AgricultureExuma
Triple K's Seafood Products32,860.48FishingAndros
Tropical Farmhouse20,757.97AgricultureNew Providence
Troy's Fish & Conch14,264.32FishingAndros
V&V 's Condiments13,088.91AgricultureNew Providence
Vacations In Paradise Farms45,000.00FishingExuma
Valentino Taylor35,398.00FishingNew Providence
Vanessia's Fishing Culture23,191.00FishingAndros
Passion Way Farms15,740.00AgricultureGrand Bahama
Wallace Fisheries4,394.03FishingAndros
Well Mudda Fungus49,395.23AgricultureNew Providence
Wesley Knowles13,461.77AgricultureLong Island
WHT Eggs41,738.70AgricultureEleuthra
Willamae Sweeting Farms16,857.78AgricultureEleuthra
Zoras Fruits & Veggies Garden2,500.00AgricultureCat Island

Technology Innovation Grant

The government via the eCommerce Advisory Board (eCAB) and in collaboration with The Office of the Prime Minister (Grand Bahama), provided A² with grant funding to support MSMEs to improve their modernization in business management and production processes using technology. This initiative approved a total of $223,031.85 in grant funding to 50 clients.
Company NameApproved Funding AmountIsland
All Access Tv$3,677.00New Providence
Allens Grocery$3,299.52New Providence
antoinette's Souvenir's$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Aquamen Marine Services$5,000.00New Providence
Arc-Tec-Design-Studio$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Bahama Mobile Stamp$4,998.00New Providence
Bahamas Organic Bush Tea$4,730.00Grand Bahama
BGB Solutions$4,976.47New Providence
Bimini Island Tours$5,000.00Bimini
Body Bahama$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Bundles of Joy Bahamas$4,850.00New Providence
CapsuleCab$950.00New Providence
Comprehensive Psychological & Health Association$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Crazy Monkey Enterprises$949.50New Providence
DD Creative Studio$4,599.08New Providence
Father and Son Media$4,986.40New Providence
First Choice Fresh Market$5,000.00New Providence
Gawain The Sax Player$5,000.00Eleuthera
Global Ink Tattoo$5,000.00New Providence
Gofadis$4,419.90New Providence
Guanahani Business Consultants$4,341.12New Providence
J'Dour Cosmetic$5,000.00Abaco
Jasper Haeward Digital Media$3,376.52Eleuthera
Just Branzz$4,500.00New Providence
Kingdom Gear (KG) Storage Solutions$5,000.00New Providence
Layna Stylez$5,000.00New Providence
Lignum$4,997.60New Providence
Loopit242$4,664.80New Providence
Lordz Beauty Studio$5,000.00Grand Bahama
Mango Arts$4,914.27Grand Bahama
Millennium Business Solution$4,500.00New Providence
OMG Designs$4,400.00Abaco
Print & Cut$5,000.00New Providence
Rigby's Auto$5,000.00Grand Bahama
RolleCo Logistics$4,579.99Berry Islands
Sage Devise$3,015.41New Providence
Scented Rumours$5,000.00Abaco
Sew Out Of This World$2,637.66New Providence
Styled Beautiful Events$3,382.40New Providence
Subs and More$4,847.00Grand Bahama
Super Couriers$4,713.00Grand Bahama
The Business Assistant$3,947.89Eleuthera
The Tress Xpress$3,650.00New Providence
The Zone$5,000.00New Providence
Tiny & Travi Media$5,000.00New Providence
Tomboy’s Trailers$5,000.00New Providence
Tuesday White Publications$4,128.32Long Island
Turning Pages Literacy Center$5,000.00New Providence
Velvet Paws$5,000.00New Providence
Z.A.K.K's Construction & Maintenance$5,000.00Abaco

Disaster Recovery Relief Programme (DRRP)

The government committed to providing A² with allocated funds to assist businesses in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian with access to funding through the Disaster Recovery Relief Programme. This was a special programme designated for MSMEs impacted in Grand Bahama and Abaco with much-needed assistance to rebuild the economy. This programme approved a total of $9,259,406.63 in loan and grant funding to clients.
Company NameApproved Funding AmountFunding TypeIsland
3K's Barber & Beauty Salon10,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
3K's Barber & Beauty Salon5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
A&P Auto Sales & Rentals50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
A&P Auto Sales & Rentals20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Abaco Built Better5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Abaco Built Better5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Abaco Pine Spring Water12,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Abaco Pine Spring Water11,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Abaco Pines Medi Center50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
AG Chemicals17,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
AG Chemicals17,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
All About You30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
All About You20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Alpha Medical Laboratory50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Antoinette's Souvenirs3,437.50DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Antoinette's Souvenirs3,437.50DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Arma Import/Export50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Arma Import/Export20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Auskell Medical30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Auskell Medical20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Bahamas Electric and Motor20,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Bains Fisheries Ltd50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Berkshire Bahamas Farm50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Berkshire Bahamas Farm20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Better Days Pizzeria15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Better Days Pizzeria15,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Blue Green Tours6,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Blue Green Tours6,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Boardwalk Seafood Distributors50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Boodle's Bus Service6,750.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Boodle's Bus Service6,750.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Bowe's Tailoring20,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Bowe's Tailoring20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Brian Hanna Chambers48,463.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Brian Hanna Chambers20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Buerger Roofing and Sheet Metal31,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Buerger Roofing and Sheet Metal20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Burrows Electrical50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Burrows Electrical20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
C&J Fencing12,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Capt Jon's Seafood15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Capt Jon's Seafood20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Carlton Roberts Bus Service8,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Carlton Roberts Bus Service8,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Chubby's Talk of the Town5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Chubby's Talk of the Town5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Ciao Bella20,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Ciao Bella20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Clean Sweep Janitorial Services15,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Clean Sweep Janitorial Services15,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
CMM Construction5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Complete Reliable Construction40,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Compusec30,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Compusec20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Computer Creations15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Computer Creations20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Continuum Dream Builders50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Continuum Dream Builders20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Continuum Financial Holdings50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Continuum Financial Holdings20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Cubes Car Rental31,620.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Cubes Car Rental20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Curry's Cabinetry1,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Curry's Cabinetry1,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
D's Guesthouse30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
D's Guesthouse20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
D's Signs & Imaging34,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
D's Signs & Imaging20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
D&T Fine Dine and Bar5,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
D&T Fine Dine and Bar5,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Da Crabman Landscaping7,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Da Crabman Landscaping7,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Discount on Wheels20,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Discount on Wheels20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Douglas Palacious Construction30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Douglas Palacious Construction20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Drexco Enterprises40,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Drexco Enterprises20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
E&S Bucket Truck Services50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
E&S Bucket Truck Services20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Eastside Sanitation15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
EJs Cafe15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Entertainment Videos9,524.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Entertainment Videos9,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Envy Boutique2,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Envy Boutique2,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Etp Industrial Outfitters Limited50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Etp Industrial Outfitters Limited20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Executive Bed and Bath7,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Executive Bed and Bath7,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Exquisite Wedding Rentals and Services6,587.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Exquisite Wedding Rentals and Services6,587.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
EZ Pro Nails12,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
EZ Pro Nails12,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Father & Son Landscaping20,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Father & Son Landscaping20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Finder's Keepers Used Goods7,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Finder's Keepers Used Goods7,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Fineena Artis5,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Fineena Artis2,300.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Flavours Delight25,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Flavours Delight20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Flexible Maintenance30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Flexible Maintenance20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Flo's Cool Runnings11,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Flo's Cool Runnings11,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Forbes & Sons Building Construction30,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Forbes & Sons Building Construction20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Four Kids Souvenirs2,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Four Kids Souvenirs2,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Fowlco Ltd50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Fox Fisheries63,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Fox Fisheries20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Fynes Pest Control25,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Fynes Pest Control20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Gates Construction5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
GC Lounge10,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
GC Lounge10,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Get Hooked 24220,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Gold Digger50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Golden Thompson15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Golden Thompson11,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Great Abaco Express15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Great Abaco Express20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
GW Heavy Equipment50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
GW Heavy Equipment20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Halo Security12,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Halo Security12,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Hezekiah's Motel50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Home Boyz Bar15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Home Boyz Bar11,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Honest Depot30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Honest Depot20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Hudson's Laundromat10,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Hudson's Laundromat10,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Hull Cleaning Bahamas Limited50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Hull Cleaning Bahamas Limited20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Immaculate Landscaping15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Immaculate Landscaping20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Immerse Bahamas35,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Immerse Bahamas20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Island Stems and Gems2,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Island Stems and Gems2,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Ivan Russell Maintenance10,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Ivan Russell Maintenance10,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Jackie's Bakery50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Jackie's Bakery20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Jay's Convenience Store25,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Jay's One Stop Shop Wash7,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Jay's One Stop Shop Wash7,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
JD Construction8,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
JD Construction8,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Jennifer McDonald Takeaway2,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Johnson's Straw Market2,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Johnson's Straw Market2,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Kassy's Take Away3,916.50DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Kassy's Take Away3,916.50DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Knowles Auto Rentals15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Knowles Auto Rentals15,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
KZ's Trucking15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
KZ's Trucking15,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
L&P Maintenance25,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Lakecia Rolle T/A Taxi 4305,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Lakecia Rolle T/A Taxi 4305,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Land Care Services16,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Land Care Services16,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Last Mile Communications T/A Bahamas Wimax15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Last Mile Communications T/A Bahamas Wimax20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
LDS Auto6,942.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
LDS Auto6,900.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Le Pavillion70,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Little Darlings4,250.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Little Darlings4,250.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Little Learners Preschool5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Little Learners Preschool5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Livity Production17,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Livity Production17,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
LK Nibor Landscaping15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
LK Nibor Landscaping20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
M/V Lisa Bain42,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
M&K Car Rentals15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
M&K Car Rentals20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Malinda's Cakes & Catering5,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Malinda's Cakes & Catering5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Man O War Propane Gas5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Mario's Maintenance12,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Mario's Maintenance12,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Mary's Beauty Center and Finishing Touch Kicks13,543.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Mary's Beauty Center and Finishing Touch Kicks15,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Max Kitchen & Bath Cabinets10,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Max Kitchen & Bath Cabinets10,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Mega Solutions5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Mega Solutions5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Mills Gas Station5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Mills Gas Station5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Mills Hardware10,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
MJOLNIR50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Mother Goose Daycare4,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Mother Goose Daycare4,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Mother Merle's Deli and Native Teas15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Mother Merle's Deli and Native Teas20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
N&E Enterprises50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Nadia's Kitchen50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Nadia's Kitchen20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Natural Ethics10,571.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Natural Ethics10,571.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Natural Oil International25,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Nesbitt Fitness13,792.63DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Nesbitt Fitness20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
NesCo Tile6,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
NesCo Tile6,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
No Limit Construction30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
No Limit Construction20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Norman and Sidnique Perfection50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Norman and Sidnique Perfection20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Oh Henry Bar & Grill37,814.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Oh Henry Bar & Grill20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Omegas Construction34,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Optimum Precision Heavy Equipment50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Optimum Precision Heavy Equipment20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Orion Enivro Marine50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Orion Enivro Marine20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Out Island Printing25,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Out Island Printing20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
P&A Fabricating15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
P&A Fabricating20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Pamela Forbes Taxi7,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Pamela Forbes Taxi7,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Papa Nasty Backhoe35,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Papa Nasty Backhoe20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Park View Variety Store15,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Park View Variety Store15,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Pete Russell Electrical Services5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Pete Russell Electrical Services5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
PH&B's Delight12,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
PH&B's Delight12,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Pinder's Variety Store5,350.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Pinder's Variety Store5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Polaris Surveying33,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Pristine Environmental Services25,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Pristine Environmental Services20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Professional Greens5,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Professional Greens5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
ProfessionOwl Solutions25,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
ProfessionOwl Solutions20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Q Lounge12,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Q Lounge12,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Rapid Maintenance2,574.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Rapid Maintenance2,574.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Reece Gibson Construction10,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Reece Gibson Construction10,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Reivax Investments Limited50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Reivax Investments Limited13,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Restoration Salon5,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Restoration Salon5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Ride Bahamas50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
RKC Enterprises12,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
RKC Enterprises12,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Rolle's General One Stop Shop20,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Rolle's General One Stop Shop20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Roy & Lisa Seafoods25,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
RSA Tractor Services20,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
RSA Tractor Services20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Russell's Sanitation Services8,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Russell's Sanitation Services8,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
S&N Accessories5,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
S&N Accessories5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Samanthia Pinder Taxi13,285.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Sea Star Rentals50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Sea Star Rentals20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Seagull Restaurant20,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Seagull Restaurant20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Seaside Transportation3,850.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Seaside Transportation3,850.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Serene Manufacturing17,500.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Serene Manufacturing17,500.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Sexy Diva's Boutique5,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Sexy Diva's Boutique5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Simply the Best18,100.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Simply the Best18,100.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Sky View Airport Lounge10,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Sky View Airport Lounge10,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Skyline Express15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Skyline Express20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Specialty Kitchen & Bath15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Specialty Kitchen & Bath15,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Spiceland Landscaping50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Spiceland Landscaping20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
St. Thomas Medi Center50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
St. Thomas Medi Center20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Steppin Out15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Steppin Out20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
SunnySide Bakery & Food Truck15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
SunnySide Bakery & Food Truck12,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Sunrise Apartments20,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Sunrise Apartments20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Sunrise Construction5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Sunrise Construction5,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Sweeting Administrative & Advisory50,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Sweeting Administrative & Advisory20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Swift Auto7,258.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Swift Auto7,200.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Swift Imports27,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Swift Imports20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
T&R Trucking15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
T&R Trucking15,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
The Bae Restaurant and Bar2,500.00DRRP LoanAbaco
The Bae Restaurant and Bar2,500.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
The Bahamas Christian Network25,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
The Bahamas Christian Network20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
The Freight Place30,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
The Freight Place20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Three Guys Chicken and Fries20,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Three Guys Chicken and Fries20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Total Restoration Hair Salon12,912.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Total Restoration Hair Salon12,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Tribah Alliance15,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Tribah Alliance20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
Triple J's Wood40,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
Triple J's Wood20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Truckit Delivery Service20,000.00DRRP LoanGrand Bahama
Truckit Delivery Service20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantGrand Bahama
VDR Builders10,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
VDR Builders10,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
Wenmil Construction5,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
WilDav Liquors50,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
WilDav Liquors20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco
WM Dream Builders20,000.00DRRP LoanAbaco
WM Dream Builders20,000.00DRRP Matching GrantAbaco

Over-The-Hill Grant

The government committed to providing A² with allocated funds to assist with access funding for economic empowerment within the designated Over-the-Hill area. This initiative approved a total of $124,600.00 in grant funding to 50 clients.
Company NameApproved Funding AmountIsland
3R's Landscaping$2,500.00New Providence
Bahamas Epic Sensational Tour$2,500.00New Providence
Bahamas Kavi Distibutors$2,500.00New Providence
Bahamas Press Cares Media$2,500.00New Providence
Bee Natural Guild$2,500.00New Providence
Bougie Chick Boutique$2,500.00New Providence
Cliffords Kitchen$2,500.00New Providence
Creating It Just 4 U$2,500.00New Providence
Danies Delightful Herbal and Vegetable Garden$2,500.00New Providence
Divine Inspire$2,500.00New Providence
Electrical Energy Solution$2,500.00New Providence
Errand runners 242$2,500.00New Providence
Explicit Undies$2,500.00New Providence
Exquisite Business Office Cleaning$2,500.00New Providence
Face Lift Janitorial Services$2,500.00New Providence
Farrington Household Cleaning Janitorial Services$2,500.00New Providence
Franae's Party Extravaganza$2,500.00New Providence
Gigi Maintenance World$2,500.00New Providence
Global Seafood Distributors and Importers$2,500.00New Providence
Grave Innovators$2,500.00New Providence
H&L Air Conditioning & Refrgeration Repairs$2,500.00New Providence
Hats & Fascinators Unlimited$2,500.00New Providence
Hoppies Landcaping and General Maintenance$2,500.00New Providence
Hot and Yummy$2,500.00New Providence
Ja D's Convenience Store$2,500.00New Providence
Jackie's Catering$2,500.00New Providence
Jessica Hosiery & Fragrance$2,500.00New Providence
Jigg's Landscape & Garden Care$2,500.00New Providence
L&M Little Ones Boutique$2,500.00New Providence
Lafleur Landscaping and Maintenance$2,500.00New Providence
Landcaping and Maintenance$2,500.00New Providence
Man with a Van$2,500.00New Providence
Meiks Maintenance$2,500.00New Providence
Mena's Market$2,500.00New Providence
Nailed by Nicole$2,500.00New Providence
Naturally U$2,500.00New Providence
Noel's Landscaping$2,500.00New Providence
Party Perfect$2,500.00New Providence
PTA Landscpaing & General Maintenance$2,500.00New Providence
Rose Overlook Rentals$2,500.00New Providence
Rosie & Mcarthur's Convenience Store$2,500.00New Providence
Sanna's Unimaginable Creations$2,500.00New Providence
Smart Gadgets$2,500.00New Providence
Solwaves Solar Solutions$2,500.00New Providence
Sunday Everyday$2,500.00New Providence
Sunny Isles Adventure$2,500.00New Providence
Thoni Touch$2,500.00New Providence
Unique Touch$2,500.00New Providence
Wet N Shine Car Wash$2,500.00New Providence
Hair Addicts$2,100.00New Providence