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When it comes to chasing your dreams, it sometimes takes a blend of determination, innovation, and a little bit of magic to transform your vision into reality.

When it comes to chasing your dreams, it sometimes takes a blend of determination, innovation, and a little bit of magic to transform your vision into reality. Philip Bodie’s journey with the Disney Grant Program offered by the Small Business Development Centre who partnered with Disney Cruise Line is a testament to this, and he was excited to share how this incredible opportunity has helped him take his unique business to new heights.

“What initially motivated me to join the Disney Grant Programme was the promise of business zoom meetings designed to educate and inform entrepreneurs like myself. As a business owner with a rather distinct venture, I knew that I needed guidance to navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship. The program’s commitment to providing valuable knowledge and insights was a major draw.”
As a small business owner, Philip understood the importance of having the financial means to invest in growth and development. This past summer, his business faced a unique challenge, which was the scorching heat and the need for upgrades to his solar setup. But amidst these challenges, Philip’s mobile arcade business on the beautiful island of Eleuthera continued to be a success.

According to Philip, “Being a mobile arcade on Eleuthera has proven to be an absolute hit. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting unforgettable birthday parties and taking my arcade to homecomings and various outdoor social events. The joy and excitement on the
faces of the kids as they immerse themselves in a world of video games is immeasurable. My business is truly one of a kind on the island.” One of the standout benefits of the Disney Grant Programme is the support it offers in terms of knowledge and funding.”I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their business, regardless of its current stage. The Small Business Development Center provides invaluable resources to help entrepreneurs achieve greater heights.”

When he initially started the programme, Philip made mention that he operated his arcade from a trailer, equipped with seven televisions and eight video game systems. However, thanks to the funding received through the program, his business evolved, ”
I’ve transitioned to a coaster bus, where the gaming experience can be both mobile and stationary. This upgrade has taken my business to the next level. With the funding, I purchased three cutting-edge gaming consoles that were considered state-of-the-art at
the time. These consoles have been a huge hit, particularly since many of the kids on the island had never seen, let alone played on, such advanced gaming systems. It’s been a thrill to introduce them to this world of entertainment. Looking forward, my plans
include updating the solar system in the bus to make it more efficient and environmentally friendly. The ability to harness solar power not only aligns with my commitment to sustainability but also ensures that my business can continue to thrive even in remote locations.”

In conclusion, Philip noted that his journey with the Disney Grant Programme has been nothing short of remarkable. It has empowered him to grow his unique mobile arcade business, bringing joy and entertainment to the hearts of the young and young at heart on Eleuthera. Through education, funding, and unwavering support, this program has shown that dreams can come true, even in the most unexpected places. It’s proof that when you combine innovation with opportunity, you can truly make magic happen.
So, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a unique vision, take that leap of faith.


The Disney Grant Programme might just be the pixie dust you need to turn your dreams into reality.

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